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“U and I can end theft” convention today

By Joan Akello

 The Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF) on behalf of Civil Society Organizations is organizing the 2nd Annual Anti-Corruption Convention. The event is today at Hotel Africana from 8:00am to 5:30 pm.
Theme this year “U and I Can End Theft Now” is to mobilize the public in fighting graft.

The overall objective of the convention is to carry out an audit of the fight on corruption since the 2011 Convention and engage more citizen groups in the process of building a national anti-corruption movement of patriotic citizens towards total elimination of corruption and abuse of office in Uganda.

Over 1,000 participants from across the country are expected from the public and private sectors, young and investigative journalists, the judiciary, activists, academia, media and civil society.

All Ugandans are invited to join the 2nd Anti-Corruption Convention in producing strategies and recommendations to re-shape governance for a fair and sustainable society.

There will be parallel sessions including Women (led by Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE), Tax (led by SEATINI), Youth by Uganda Youth Network will lead the youth session, Parliament (led by Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda), Land grabbing and Development Partners (led by UGMP)

The Inspector General of Government, Hon. Irene Mulyagonja is the  chief guest and other  key speakers include: EU Ambassador, Prof George Kanyeihamba, Bishop Zac Niringiye, Dr. Martin Aliker, Ms Rhoda Kalema.

A panel discussion on Dealing a Decisive Blow on Corruption for the next fifty years for a prosperous Uganda will be led by representatives from the government, academia, media, religious groups and CSOs.

The Black Monday Movement is one of the organizers of the convention. They are planning an economic boycott against the properties (hotels, banks, malls, telecom companies etc) that were put up using stolen taxpayers’ money.

Police has foiled the activists’ past demonstrations to mourn corruption in November.

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