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Town council authorities demand probe into Kashari dairy farmers cooperative operations

Mbarara, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Rwanyamahembe town council authorities have petitioned Mbarara Chief Administrative Officer demanding investigations into the operations of Kashari dairy farmers cooperative.

The town council officials accuse the manager, David Muleesa of operating the cooperation in isolation like it is his private property. Kashari dairy farmers cooperative found in Bwizibwera town is a farmer’s cooperative.

However, the leaders say that they have raised several complaints on how the cooperative is managed in vain. Some of the members have since abandoned the cooperative. Now in their petition, the town council officials demanded to know whether the cooperative was registered with the registrar of cooperatives and if it still exists.

They also demand to understand whether the cooperative is being run under the cooperatives law and who manages its property including the cooler, generator, milk cans and land. Peterson Kakuru, the LC III chairperson of Rwanyamahembe town council says the operations of Kashari dairy farmers cooperative are questionable since they inherited everything that belonged to the then Uganda Diary Cooperation.

He says the decision was made to ensure sustainable milk supply, which has since failed.

Jennipher Tumuhirwe, the Rwanyamahembe town council councilor says that she has known the cooperative for a longtime, noting that most farmers have abandoned it because they are either dissatisfied with its management or they are not paid.

Geoffrey Mutebi, the Mbarara District senior commercial officer acknowledges receipt of the letter noting that the issue of Kashari dairy farmers cooperative came to his office through the CAO who requested him to investigate the matter.

He says he has done some interviews with farmers, the board chairperson, and the town council leadership and written a report to CAO. He says preliminary investigations show that the cooperative is not registered.

Adam Barigye, a farmer faults all the mess on the current board chairperson, Benon Kisa whom he accuses of being weak and not following up on the cooperative’s property.

David Muleesa, the manager of Kashari dairy farmers cooperative refused to comment on the matter noting that the cooperative has 54 members with shares to whom he is answerable.

He says the way the cooperative operates is recorded in the minute book and they have all the documents of registration.

Muleesa says the town council leaders started with land issues and are now going after the operations of the cooperation.



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