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Three arrested over car theft

The car theft suspects after their arrest. Photo by Charlotte Ninsiima

Three men have been arrested over car theft. The suspects, Sejungo Paul, Kabuye Geoffrey and Jowali Sowali, were picked Eid day on Wednesday morning.

The arrests followed police vigilance and swift action following the theft of a Mercedenz Benz of registration number UAY 042W, model 190E belonging to Allan Baine.

Baine’s car was driven off after he parked it in front his home to open the gate at 4:30am.

He unsuccessfully pleaded with Serunjogi for his car as the latter reversed into the road and sped off.

The two other suspects; Kabuye Geoffrey and Jowali Sowali were picked from Namboole and Iganga respectively after they stole a car from Kyaliwajala and it was recovered in Pallisa.

Divisional Police Commander in charge of Kira road, Kasigire Michael together with counterparts from Bugiri, Mbale and Kibugo coordinated an operation to have road blocks where the car was being tracked. Currently the car is being held at Pallisa Police station.

Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura praised the police for their vigilance and swift operation.  He said that the car was being taken to Kenya for sale.

“We lose cars to Tanzania, where we are still demanding 50 vehicles; there are more rackets in Kenya and Congo. Mbarara has however lost more vehicles and only 10 have been recovered.”

He advised owners of vehicles to install tracking systems to control car theft. Baine said the tracker system in his vehicle is installed in a hidden place and works with satellite to detect the speed and location of the vehicle.

Car theft is carried out by organized criminals hence there is need to boost coordination
with territorial police and community policing system. Information from the local people and leaders will help break in popular vigilance.

“We are working out a package of measures under a sustained campaign to rectify our own weakness in the police system, educate the public on road usage with help from the Road Safety Council, use of speed guns to detect speed limits at different points and impose deterrent punishments on bad road users,” Kayihura said.

Traffic Police has improved on its performance though we are still challenged with indiscipline of drivers and reckless driving that will be dealt with.

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