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Why Kagame won 99%

Why Kagame won 99%  | How Rwandans reacted to the west’s war against the symbol of their nation’s success Kigali, Rwanda | ANALYSIS | ANDREW M. MWENDA  |  Last week, Paul Kagame won presidential elections in Rwanda by 98.6%. Historically, such margins have only been won in countries like Saddam …

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How do you govern a poor country?

COMMENT: By Moses Khisa A response to Mwenda’s article that blames bad governance in Africa on small national budgets  The Independent’s Strategy and Editorial Director, Andrew Mwenda, is pushing back against the scrutiny placed on African leaders and the blame put at their doorsteps for the continent’s disheartening state of …

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Lessons from NRM primaries

Why the chaos and violence in the ruling party are a signal of its strength and weakness of the opposition The just concluded parliamentary and district primaries of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) were characterised by unprecedented violence, vote rigging and organisational chaos. For many analysts, this is evidence of …

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In reply to Mwenda on Besigye

By Morris DC Komakech Personalisation of the opposition struggle helps to replenish KB’s conscience Andrew Mwenda’s article, “About our collective delusions” (see The Independent Oct.2) is worth reading. The mainstay of this Dr. Besigye invective was that KB has become so bitter over time from experiences of humiliation and torture …

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