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Xi of Arabia

  COMMENT | ANA PALACIO – PROJECT SYNDICATE |  Perhaps no image better captures the shifting dynamics in the Middle East than that of Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of Iran’s security council, and Musaad bin Mohammed Al Aiban, Saudi Arabia’s minister of state, shaking hands in Beijing, with China’s top diplomat, …

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The shakeup the World Bank needs

If the Bank fails to listen to the demands of developing countries, the West will lose them COMMENT | Ana Palacio | Major changes are afoot at the World Bank, but few people seem to be paying attention. Beyond devising a new, greener mission, the Bank is undergoing a leadership transition, with …

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Can the West Woo Africa?

Despite America’s pledge to deliver $55 billion, the West cannot match China’s deep pockets COMMENT | Ana Palacio | The United States is finally paying attention to Africa. But recent attempts at engagement – the US-Africa Leaders Summit in December and U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s ten-day tour of the continent last …

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Human values for artificial intelligence

It remains impossible to predict all the ways AI will reshape human lives and civilisation COMMENT | Ana Palacio | This may be the year when artificial intelligence transforms daily life. So said Brad Smith, President and Vice Chairman of Microsoft, at a Vatican-organised event. But Smith’s statement was less a prediction …

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The West’s role in the global food crisis

A staggering 345 million people face acute food insecurity, with more going to bed hungry COMMENT | ANA PALACIO | Actions speak louder than words. That adage explains why Russian President Vladimir Putin’s depiction of his brutal and senseless war in Ukraine as a noble fight against Western imperialism comes …

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