Saturday , July 4 2020


COMMENT: Assault on news media

These five mundane dangers confronting the profession could be more dangerous than the physical attacks COMMENT | ALEXANDRA BORCHARDT | The brutal torture and murder of the US-based Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has focused attention on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is widely believed to have ordered the killing. …

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COMMENT: Journalism’s comeback

Journalists are regaining their credibility and trust is at its highest point in seven years COMMENT | ALEXANDRA BORCHARDT | After years of ill health, the news industry is finally showing signs of a modest recovery. According to the Digital News Report 2018 – the most comprehensive survey of digital media …

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COMMENT: Free speech in the filter age

Firms cannot be allowed to profit from damaging content, while avoiding responsibility for its consequences COMMENT | ALEXANDRA BORCHARDT | Germany’s Network Enforcement Act – according to which social-media platforms like Facebook and YouTube could be fined €50 million ($63 million) for every “obviously illegal” post within 24 hours of receiving …

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COMMENT: Making journalism great again

News outlets must set their own agendas, rather than wasting resources on pursuing someone else’s COMMENT | ALEXANDRA BORCHARDT | In the debate over the future of journalism, “fake news” has taken center stage, with storylines featuring a ranting American president, Russian communication “bots,” and betrayal and subterfuge competing for public …

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