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‘Do not intimidate us, we have the support of the army’

Anite speaking in Kampala on Thursday

Kampala, Uganda | GODFREY SSALI | A section of NRM MPs behind the proposed amendment of article 102 of the constitution to lift the age limit of the presidency have said they will not be intimidated by anyone, stressing they have support of the army.

The group led by State Minister for Investment Evelyn Anite (Koboko municipality) were responding to issues raised Wednesday by another group of NRM MPs led by Theodore Ssekikubo (Lwemiyaga) and Mohammed Nsereko (Kampala Central), who threatened to fight anyone pushing forward plans to amend the constitution.

Nsereko had threatened that, “we are going to the gym, ready to flex and tear the age limit motion if it comes on the floor of Parliament.”

A charged Anite dismissed Nsereko’s threat , saying their section of NRM members are ready for both an intellectual and physical fight.

“We have numbers. We shall not go to the gym because we are fit. They should know that we are the ones in charge. If they can’t outsmart us with reason, they should wait for Ugandans to give them their mandate”, said Anite

Anite noted that the minority group of the MPs of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) that are opposed to the age limit proposal have already lost the battle since over 265 mps have already endorsed the plan.

“You can’t tell us ‘tojjiikwatako’ when it’s our job. It’s like telling us not to do our job. We shall not succumb to intimidation. I heard Ssekikubo, Tinkasimire and other MPs threatening us. We are not intimidated. We have the support, even support of the ‘majje (army)”, said Anite at a press briefing on Thursday.

Army responds

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces spokesman Brig. Richard Karemire disassociated the army from the remarks by the NRM parliamentarians, saying they have their own MPs who can talk on their behalf if need be.

“The UPDF has established structures and 10 Members of Parliament through whom it can make its views known when necessary,” Karemire said

“UPDF shall always remain nonpartisan as per article 208 (2) of the Constitution.”

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  1. I hope those brewing trouble were around in 1979, 1985 and 1986. Gen Tito okello recruited K’jongs in army in an attempt to thwart NRA on false hope that they a fierce fighters and would deliver victory for him. Its worked in negative, never think war is not science, all options are possible in Uganda. Speak responsibly for there is tomorrow.

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