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Ssekibejja gives LV Serena Club a first Uganda Open title

HAPPINESS ON THEIR FACES: Fans, many of them caddies, carry and celebrate with new Uganda Golf Open champion Andrew Ssekibejja after his final putt on Saturday evening. PHOTO PIVOT MEDIA ug

Uganda Amateur Golf Open 2022

💠 TOP FIVE➡🏌️‍♂️
1⃣ A Ssekibejja 71,76,75,73 | 295 🇺🇬
2⃣ M Tumusiime 72,73, 80, 75 | 300 🇺🇬
3⃣ J Cwinya-ai 80,69,78, 75 | 302 🇺🇬
4⃣ G Nsubuga 75,77, 76,83 | 311 🇺🇬
5⃣ I Bagalana 77,75,80,81 | 313 🇺🇬


Kigo, Uganda | LOUIS JADWONG & PHILLIP CORRY  | Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa club’s Andrew Ssekibejja is the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Open champion.

The 26-year-old Ssekibejja carded 295 over 72 holes on Sunday, to win his first title by five strokes at only his third attempt. Day two leader Michael Tumusiime settled for 2nd best, despite a late surge that saw him jump to the front briefly, on the final day.

Ssekibejja was thrilled by his victory, and promised his five-year-old home club Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa, even better performances in future.

“I started very well, but trouble came for me when I got a double bogey on hole 8, then another on hole 9.  I know this course, so I calmed down after that and enganged a new gear like a Formula One Car,” Ssekibejja said at the awards ceremony.

Ssekibejja raises his trophy. UBL’s Marketing and Innovations Director Emmy Hashakimana handed him the top prize. PHOTO PIVOT MEDIA ug

After Ssekibejja faultered on holes 8 and 9, Tumusiime snatched the lead. Ssekibejja showed a maturity beyond his age, by re-focussing on the task, and staying calm. He followed that with two birdies and five pars in the final nine holes, to triumph.

Tumusiime was indeed intimidating. He had started the final day brilliantaly, with two birdies, and eagle and five pars, and held the lead from the 9th to the 17th holes, when he collapsed. His waterloo was indeed that second-last hole, that saw him card a 9 on a par 5, that ended his hopes.

With his maiden victory, Ssekibejja broke the ‘day one leader jinx’ that showed its ugly face when Lake Victoria Serena first hosted the Open in 2019.

Ssekibejja has led for two of the first three days. Will he break the Day 1 leader jinx? 📷 @Kujooga

In 2019, Simon Njogu Muthoni led day one, but it was his fellow countryman Daniel Nduva who clinched the title at the death, by one stroke (286). Nduva also helped break a Kenyan jinx at the Open, as the last person from Nairobi to have won, was Nicholas Rokoine from Muthaiga Golf Club way back in 2007.

Defending champion Joseph Cwinya-ai failed to produce his Thursday magic (69), and settled for third place.

The four-day 72 hole Amateur Open is Ugandan golf’s most prestigious title. This year’s event that had Tusker Malt Lager as lead sponsor, again came a few days after the Ladies Open that was won by Uganda’s Martha Babirye, and four days before the Pro-Am, and the main professional Open.

The greatest name in the history of the Uganda Open is Sadi Onito,(RIP) who won a record 12 times. His son Charles Yokwe (RIP) also won the Open two times.

Uganda Amateur Golf Open Winners since 1932

1932 – H.Davidson (Uganda Golf Club)

1933 – H.Davidson (Uganda Golf Club)

1934 – R.W Hooker (Muthaiga Golf Club)

1935 – J.D Rankine (Uganda Golf Club)

1936 – J.D Rankine (Uganda Golf Clun)

1937 – H. Davidson (Uganda Golf Club)

1938 – R.W Bun (Mombasa Golf Club)

1939 – J.E Higginson

1940 – 1947 NOT HELD

1948 – D. F Stewart (Uganda Golf Club)

1949 – A.Q Roberts (Kitale Golf Club)

1950 – N.C Elwell (Uganda Golf Club)

1951 – N.C Elwell (Mwanza Golf Club)

1952 – J.R Cooke (Uganda Golf Club)

1953 – R.W Hooper (Nairobi Golf Club)

1954 – M.Johnson (Kabalae Golf Club)

1955 – J.R Oglive (Kitale Golf Club)

1956 – J.R Oglive (Kitale Golf Club)

1957 – Ian McAdam (Uganda Golf Club)

1958 – Brian Malone (Uganda Golf Club)

1959 – Ian McAdam (Uganda Golf Club)

1960 – Mike Johnson (Mbale Golf Club)

1961 – Mike Johnson (Mbale Golf Club)

1962 – Mike Johnson (Mbale Golf Club)

1963 – John Higginson (Uganda Golf Club)

1964 – John Higginson (Uganda Golf Club)

1965 – Muhammed Rajab (Nairobi Golf Club)

1966 – John Higginson (Uganda Golf Club)

1967 – I.Pattinson (Dar es Salaam Golf Club)

1968 – G.Burrows (Uganda Golf Club)

1969 – M.Rajab(Nairobi Golf Club)

1970 – M.Couma (Uganda Golf Club)

1971 – J. Kahugu (Sigona Golf Club)

1972 – Ben Okello (Masaka Golf Club)

1973 – Tom Taban (Uganda Golf Club)

1974 – Alex Okodan (Uganda Golf Club)

1975 – Ramathan Kayamba (Uganda Golf Club)

1976 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)

1977 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)

1978 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)

1979 – 1980 – Not held

1981 – Juma Jaffer (Uganda Golf Club)

1982 – Juma Jaffer (Uganda Golf Club)

1983 – Sadi Onito (Uganda Golf Club)

1984 – John Mucheru (Uganda Golf Club)

1985 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)

1986 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)

1987 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)

1988 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)

1989 – Allan Njoroge (Muthaiga Golf Club)

1990- Dedan Kagonyera (Kabale Golf Club)

1991 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)

1992 – Juma Jaffer (Uganda Golf Club)

1993 – John Gavin (Uganda Golf Club)

1994 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)

1995 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)

1996 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)

1997 – Steven Birungi (Uganda Golf Club)

1998 – Steven Birungi (Uganda Golf Club)

1999 – Steven Birungi (Uganda Golf Club)

2000 – Deo Akope (Entebbe Golf Club)

2001 – Deo Akope (Entebbe Golf Club)

2002 – Deo Akope (Entebbe Golf Club)

2003 – Charles Yokwe (Jinja Golf Club)

2004 – David Odhiambo (Nyanza Golf Club)

2005 – Charles Yokwe (Jinja Golf Club)

2006 – Amos Kamya (Entebbe Golf Club)

2007 – Nicholas Rokoine (Muthaiga Golf Club)

2008 – George Olayo (Entebbe Golf Club)

2009 – Peter Ssendaula (Entebbe Golf Club)

2010 – Brian Mwesigwa (Kabale Golf Club)

2011 –Rogers Byaruhanga (Uganda Golf Club)

2012 – Phillip Kasozi (Uganda Golf Club)

2013 – Peter Ssendaula (Entebbe Golf Club)

2014 – Kitata (Entebbe Golf Club)

2015 – Ronald Otile (Tooro Golf Club)

2016 – Ronald Otile (Tooro Golf Club)

2017 – Ronald Rugumayo (Tooro Golf Club)

2018 – Ronald Otile (Tooro Golf Club)

2019 – Daniel Nduva (Nyali Golf and Country Club)

2020 – John Lejirma (Kenya Railway Golf Club)

2021 – Joseph Cwinya-ai (Tooro Golf Club)

2022 – .Andrew Ssekibejja (Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa Club)


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