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South Sudan lauds visa waiver by Uganda

Presidents Kiir and Museveni at the Addis meeting. File Photo

Juba, South Sudan | Xinhua | South Sudan on Friday lauded the decision by the Ugandan government to scrap visa requirement for travelers from the country.

South Sudan’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a statement issued in Juba that the country’s nationals will now be free to travel to Uganda without a visa, adding that the move will strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two neighboring countries.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of South Sudan hails this move as a significant booster to the already existing stronger bilateral relations with the Republic of Uganda,” said the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

It said that all entry and exit points including missions and embassies abroad were expected to comply with the directive adding that Juba had also decided to waive visa requirement for Ugandan nationals in the spirit of reciprocity starting from October 4.




  1. south Sudan has nothing to do with money even, no security, roads schools, salaries so on, what substitutes will they rely on from loosing that visa fees? what benefits will they get from influx of Ugandans into South Sudan, our people take money to Ugandan for so many reasons, Ugandans interest is very clear and visible if at all people in government have minds to think rather than individual interests that stationed theirs families in Ugandan and made south Sudan as a working place but not home to be developed. I really regret that idea from government of self services in Juba. But they must know that one day in this South Sudan, SPLM be it IG or IO will be thrown into dustbin for failing south Sudan and the people.

  2. This is good progress!

    Africa oyeee!

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