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Toyota safety rating

HiAce beats Jeep Wrangler | THE INDEPENDENT | The all-new Toyota HiAce has scored a 5-star rating in the latest round of testing with the new Nissan Leaf also scoring 5 stars while the all-new Jeep Wrangler slumped to a 1-star rating. Safety ratings typically indicate the level of safety …

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10 best tyres in the world

Vehicle safety standard depends mainly, if not entirely, on the quality of the tyre you are using. There are many tyre companies, some of which are top-notch. Top tyre manufacturers maintain a solid streak all the way through; especially when it comes to potentially hazardous situations. Driving your car in …

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Auto industry dented by latest Trump tariffs

New York, United States | AFP | President Donald Trump’s plan to impose tariffs on Mexico will affect myriad industries, but few are as exposed as automakers. Shares of several major automakers and auto suppliers dived five percent or more following Trump’s announcement Thursday night that the United States would impose …

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These car repairs will cost you

But you can avoid them Owning a car also brings to responsibilities; maintaining it and repairing it. Maintenance is done when the car is not broken and repair follows when the car is broken. Generally, maintenance costs less than repair. That is why we bring you these tips about some …

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