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When your tyre bursts

Save driving tips in highway emergency | MOTORING GURU | Imagine you are driving at 140km/hr or over and your vehicle tyre bursts; what is the right way to react? A wrong move could lead to major problems; including loss of vehicle and lives.  Therefore, all drivers need to be …

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Vehicle fuel economy ratings

Mitsubishi Triton case shows why you should be concerned  Fuel economy ratings given by vehicle manufacturers are being questioned following a landmark decision by a consumer tribunal in the Supreme Court of Victoria State in Australia. The Victoria consumer tribunal awarded a full refund to a Mitsubishi Triton owner who …

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Toyota to axe LandCruiser V8

Next generation LandCruiser 300 Series expected to have V6 diesel and V6 petrol power – and eventually a hybrid – but no V8. | THE INDEPENDENT | The iconic Toyota LandCruiser V8 is nearing the end of the road, with well-placed sources claiming the next generation 300 Series will have …

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Toyota safety rating

HiAce beats Jeep Wrangler | THE INDEPENDENT | The all-new Toyota HiAce has scored a 5-star rating in the latest round of testing with the new Nissan Leaf also scoring 5 stars while the all-new Jeep Wrangler slumped to a 1-star rating. Safety ratings typically indicate the level of safety …

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10 best tyres in the world

Vehicle safety standard depends mainly, if not entirely, on the quality of the tyre you are using. There are many tyre companies, some of which are top-notch. Top tyre manufacturers maintain a solid streak all the way through; especially when it comes to potentially hazardous situations. Driving your car in …

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