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PSFU skilling Ugandans


More will be trained after support from the Private Sector Foundation

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Q-sourcing, a human resourcing consulting firm, could only train 120 people annually, according to its Managing Director, Patrick Mbonye.

Now, the firm is able to train 400 people annually after receiving a grant from the Private Sector Foundation Uganda in 2018.

“The grant helped the firm set up two mobile training facilities to extend training services to majority of the population countrywide, “he said.

The company does human resourcing for companies as well as trainings in various fields including coded welding, electrical installation, plumbing, and environmental health and safety.

Q-Sourcing is one of the beneficiaries of the US$ 18million Skills Development Facility that is part of the US$100million Uganda Skills Development project, which is a government project funded by the World Bank.

The Fund is implemented through the grant facility mechanism that is co-financed by the private sector through a matching grant contribution and a support-training activities that lead to improved productivity and competitiveness in the formal and informal sectors.

So far, 36 companies have been awarded grants, with some companies based on their success having received grants more than twice. A total of Shs 34.7bn had already been committed for skilling 46,556 employees, interns and members of companies and organisations as at the end of December 2018.

Gideon Badagawa, the executive Director at the Private Sector Foundation Uganda, said the interventions that the Foundation is making is fundamental to the growth of the private sector.

“We have been talking about creating jobs, increasing exports yet we did little in improving skills of our people,” he said.

The Skills Development Facility is a 5-year project that support short term employer-led training and recognition of prior learning as well as increased access to internships for Technical and Vocational Education Training students.

It involves machine handling, technical ability exposure, career guidance, work ethics and actual interpersonal relationship and professional.












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