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Police records 328 cases of domestic violence during COVID-19 lockdown

Domestic violence is on the rise in the lockdwon

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Police has recorded at least 328 cases of domestic violence during the last 14 days of the national COVID-19 lockdown.

Speaking at the Uganda Media Centre, Police Deputy Spokesperson Polly Namaye said that because people are stuck at home, it has increased the cases.

The police also recorded 102 other cases of child neglect, abuse or abandonment across the country. Namaye urged the public to desist from resorting to violence to solve domestic issues.

She said if a wife or husband starts a fight, one of them should walk away to avoid trouble. She called upon the people to report all such cases to police so that the culprits face the full force of the law.

Meanwhile, police although recognized that there has been general increase in compliance to the orders of the president to prevent the spread of COVID-19, some people in markets in Kampala like Ggaba market are still refusing to comply especially on social distancing. She said if they insist on not doing the right thing, they will be forced to close such markets.

Namaye also said they have seen an increase in the number of cars on the roads without stickers or with those that have been forged.

“Only those with authorized stickers should be on the road. Many people are being arrested because they don’t have them,” Namaye said.

On whether the boda bodas and bicycles can move after 2 pm, Namaye said there was a meeting of the National COVID-19 taskforce yesterday, but they are yet to communicate what was decided.

Lt Col. Deo Akiiki, the deputy spokesperson of the UPDF said they have reinforced the police, manned road blocks with the military police to particularly check military officers driving private or government cars. Akiiki said they had received reports that people were misusing military vehicles to carry unauthorized persons.

“Private vehicles holding military jacket have also been impounded and people have been handed over to the necessary organs. We shall continue to do that to make sure we go through these days secure,” Akiiki said.

He also talked about an LDU who was shot dead by a police officer in Jinja after a disagreement on the arrest of some youths who were flouting some of the guidelines on social distancing.

In other news, two prisoners in Kanungu tried to escape but were apprehended and will be charged with attempting to escape from lawful custody. The two are in prison on charges of murder.

In Napak district, a woman died after having a fight with her husband while in Ibanda, a one Byaruhanga Wilson was found dead in a swamp near her girlfriend’s home. In Buikwe district, a 72 year old woman was arrested for attempting to kill her 50 year old son accusing him of trying to sell her land.



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