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Police foil anti-corruption demo

In its second day, the civil society’s demonstration to mourn corruption was interrupted by police.

Kampala, Uganda | Joan Akello | The Civil Society fraternity has organized activities in the weeks to the anti-corruption week in December, beginning with: A Week of Mourning 12th-16th November 2012. It will include closure of offices on Monday 12th November 2012, Congregate for a National Mourning Service, wearing black and or bark cloth and move on barefoot that week.

AIGP Grace Akullu, the director Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Directorate (CIID) said that the protestors have a valid cause.

She says the organizers should seek police permission and protection for smooth demos.

Ali Kaviri, a student at Kyambogo University pursuing a degree in community based rehabilitation is mobilizing Ugandans for a theft free nation.

In his blog he says, “It is undisputed that THEFT of public funds continues to be one of the major problems in Uganda causing retarded development and killing vulnerable members of our population. The fight against theft has occupied public discourse and it is evident that the large population appreciate that this theft is on the increase and thus needs to be dealt with accordingly.

He adds that it is also important to note that there is a sudden wind that is unveiling these “thieves” and it is a critical situation for everyone to reflect on and be a part of.

He urges Ugandans to join hands as affected and aggrieved citizens of Uganda to show displeasure at “this unacceptably shameful, draconian and uncivil form of conduct that threatens our very survival!”

“We can no longer stay silent, fearful and indifferent to the plight of our fellow Ugandans and the struggle that many of us are going through just to survive as our leaders and technocrats shamelessly loot our public funds and get off scot free scandal after scandal.”

Eleven people were arrested today as the activists continue with demonstrations.

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