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Opposition MPs demand security deployment amid rampart killings in Masaka

LOP Mathias Mpuuga with MPs from the Masaka sub-region have addressed the press over the worrying security situation in the area.

Masaka, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Members of Parliament from the Opposition have asked the government to deploy security personnel in the greater Masaka region following killings in the area by machete-wielding men.

The killings started in early July and spiraled into this month. Some of the victims escaped with serious injuries and the latest incidents happened on Monday and Wednesday night.

The MPs led by the Leader of Opposition Matthias Mpuuga said that 20 people have in the past days lost their lives.

“Security as a sector eats the biggest percentage of the budget and when it comes to classified, the classified budget is a bottomless pit. So for security to complain that they do not have operational funds, we find that as a betrayal. The people of greater Masaka have been betrayed by this government because they pay their taxes, money was voted for security and all they are harvesting is death,” said Mpuuga.

Speaking to journalists on Thursday, Mpuuga demanded the presence of security personnel in the area. He also tasked the Minister of Security Jim Muhwezi and the Minister of Internal Affairs, Kahinda Otafire to take up their responsibility.

Mpuuga said that people cannot be vigilantes during curfew time. He said that failure by the security personnel to heighten deployment, they will ask the communities to take on traditional methods of securing themselves.

He said that any insinuations to land wrangles are misplaced and that security just needs to register its presence in the area and reassure the people.

“When that statement came out that land is part of the problem, then we sense that sections of security could be knowing the problem in that area. Because, despite claiming that there are land wrangles, they have not taken any arrests related to land in that area. Implying that, probably some of them are privy to some information and they are not coming out to tell the people the truth,” Mpuuga added.

Abed Bwanika, the MP Kimanya-Kabonera said that the killings have created fear in the community. He also demanded a security presence in the area and ensuring that communities are secured.

Juliet Kakande, the Masaka City Woman MP said that it is now about two months since the killings in Masaka started but there are no efforts by the security personnel to address the matter.

Christine Ndiwalana, the Bukomansimbi North MP said that two people have been killed in Bukomansibi district. She requested the security agencies to take the killings in the greater Masaka region seriously.



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