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Obote’s ex-works minister, Eng Abner Nangwale has died

By Julius Odeke

The former works Minister, Eng Abner Nangwale during Milton Obote II government of Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) from 1980 to July 1985 has died.

Nangwale passed away last night at his home in Bududa.

According to reliable sources say Eng Nangwale was born 1932 in Bukigai, now Bududa District and he was elected MP for Manjia County and was appointed Minister of Works by Obote and he influenced a lot in the development activities in the Country and his home area.

“For people who may have been around then he was the one who negotiated with the Germany government to acquire road equipment that saw Germany supply Uganda with Mercedes Benz trucks and other equipment,” said the LC III chairman Bungkokho Sub County in Mbale district

He says by the time Tito Okello overthrew UPC government already the equipment had begun work on Malaba-Jinia road and had reached Kibimba.

Eng Nangwale participated in developing a white paper on education that saw UPC government then commit to total free education by beginning with constructing Teachers Training Colleges (TTC) now called as Parents Teachers Colleges (PTCs) like Nagongera was up graded, Elgon technical college name them.

Like many of UPC ministers Nangwale never ran to exile because he had clean a clean record in government. His participation in generating a white paper on education saw the birth of USE, UPE, although already we had more or less Universal University Education.

Washaki says “During that time many schools were constructed with the view of having the structures to accommodate the influx of children.”

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