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NRM retreat for new MPS ends with shooting practice

The one-week retreat for new NRM party Members of Parliament has concluded with a shooting practice.

President Yoweri Museveni participated in the exercise at Kyankwanzi, and the Commander In Chief showed off his target skills in the shooting range exercise.

Museveni shares tips on accurate shooting.

The shooting range or firing range is a specialized army exercise which is designed for firearms practice. President Museveni briefly explained to them the importance of being steady and calm as you aim and perfectly hit the target. He then gave an opportunity to some of the caucus members to fire gunshots at the targeted points.

The exercise is voluntary for the legislators at the end of the retreat. The members that were brave enough to try out this adventure were assisted by some of the military instructors at the ranges.

Museveni prepares for shooting exercise. PHOTO BY PPU

The one week retreat also had MPs engage in discussions and lectures on the Ugandan and world economy, regional integration, geopolitics, security and development.

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