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Musota, Gadenya named as Museveni appoints 14 to Court of Appeal and High Court

The Chief Registrar Gadenya Paul Wolimbwa (right) is set for new role at the High Court. Here he receives the JLOS Leadership Excellence Award (2017) from the CJ Bart Katureebe.

Kampala, Uganda | GODFREY SSALI | President Yoweri Museveni has appointed 14 judges, four of whom who will serve at the Court of Appeal and 10 to the High court.

Onto the Court of Appeal are Justices Christopher Madrama who has been serving at the Commercial Court, Steven Musota who has been at the High court civil division, Percy Tuhaise who has been at High court’s international crimes division and Ezekiel Muhanguzi who convicted Amir Ummar Sheikh Muhammad Yonus Kamoga and others for terrorism in relation to Muslim clerics murders across the country.

The 10 who have been appointed as High Court Judges are Paul Gadenya the Chief Registar courts of judicature, senior lawyer Musa Sekaana, Olive Kazaarwe Mukwaya the Secretary Land Probe Commission, State Prosecutor Jane Francis Abodo, and Deputy Registrars Joyce Kavuma, Alex Ajiiji, Tadeo Asimwe and Emmanuel Baguma.

This follows the judiciary’s outcry to the president to appoint more judicial officers to the bench to be able to handle the huge case backlog in the courts.

The presidential appointment raises the number of Appeal Court Judges to 13, below the required 15, and raised that of the High Court judges to 52 above the structurally required 50.

The 14 judicial officers are set to appear before the Parliamentary Vetting Committee on February 14th and 15th.


The Justices of the Court of Appeal of Uganda headed by the Deputy Chief Justice of Uganda as at January 1 were :-

  1. Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo ( Deputy Chief Justice)
  2. Justice Fredrick Martin Stephen Egonda Ntende
  3.  Justice Remmy Kasule
  4. Justice Kenneth Kakuru
  5.  Justice Geoffrey Kiryabwire
  6.  Lady Justice Elizabeth Musoke
  7. Lady Justice Hellen A. Obura
  8. Lady Justice Catherine Khakasa Bamugemereire
  9.  Justice Cheborion Barishaki

Special Assignment 

  1. Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama: Chairman, Electoral Commission
  2. Lady Justice Solomy Balungi  Bossa: International Criminal Court



The Judges of the High Court of Uganda are headed by the Principal Judge of Uganda:

  1. Justice Yorokamu Bamwine: PJ and Head of Court  
  2. Justice John Wilson Kwesiga: Head, Criminal Division
  3. Justice Lady Justice Flavia Anglin Senoga: D/Head, Criminal Division
  4. Lady Justice Elizabeth K Kabanda: Criminal Division
  5. Justice Nyanzi Yasin: Criminal Division
  6. Justice Stephen Musota: Head, Civil Division
  7. Lady Justice Margaret Oguli: D/Head, Civil Division
  8. Lady Justice Lydia Mugambe: Civil Division
  9. Lady Justice Henrietta Wolayo: Civil Division
  10. Justice Christopher Madrama Izama: Head, Executions/Bailiffs
  11. Lady Justice Patricia Basaza Wasswa: D/Head, Executions/Bailiffs
  12. Justice Dr. Andrew Bashaija: Head, Land Division
  13.  Justice Godfrey Namundi: D/Head, Land Division
  14.  Lady Justice Damalie Lwanga: Land Division
  15. Justice Henry Kaweesa Isabirye: Land Division
  16. Lady Justice Alexandra Nkonge Rugadya: Land Division
  17.  Justice Moses Mukiibi:  Head, International Crimes Division 
  18.  Lady Justice Jane F. B. Kiggundu: International Crimes Division, Deputy Head
  19.  Justice Ezekiel Muhanguzi: International Crimes Division
  20.  Justice Lawrence Gidudu: Head, Anti-Corruption
  21.  Lady Justice Margaret Tibulya:  D/Head, Anti-Corruption Division
  22.  Justice David Kutosi. Wangutusi: Head, Commercial Division
  23.  Justice Billy Kainamura: D/Head, Commercial Division
  24.  Lady Justice Elizabeth Jane Alividza: Commercial Division
  25.  Lady Justice Bitature Mugenyi Anna: Commercial Division
  26.  Lady Justice Percy Tuhaise: Head, Family Division
  27. .Justice David Matovu: D/Head, Family Division
  28.  Lady Justice Naiga Ayebazibwe: Family Division
  29.  Lady Justice Ketrah Kitarisiibwa Katanguka: Family Division


  1.  Justice Albert F Rugadya Atwooki: Resident Judge, Masindi
  2.  Justice John Eudes Keitirima: Senior Resident Judge, Masaka
  3.  Justice Duncan Gaswaga: Senior Resident Judge, Mbarara
  4.  Justice Dr. Zeija Flavian: Resident Judge, Mbarara
  5.  Lady Justice Eva Luswata: Senior Resident Judge, Jinja
  6.  Justice Michael Elabu: Resident Judge, Jinja
  7.  David Batema: Resident Judge, Soroti
  8.  Justice Oyuko Anthony Ojok: Resident Judge, Fort Portal
  9.  Lady Justice Suzan Okalany: Resident Judge, Mbale
  10.  Justice Mubiru Stephen: Resident Judge, Arua
  11.  Justice Vincent Okwanga: Resident Judge, Gulu
  12. Lady Justice Dr. Winfred Nabisinde: Resident Judge, Lira
  13.  Justice Kazibwe Moses Kawumi: Resident Judge, Kabale
  14.  Lady Justice Margaret Mutonyi: Resident Judge, Mukono
  15.  Justice Wilson Masalu Musene: Resident Judge, Mpigi
  16.  Justice Joseph Murangira: Resident Judge, Mubende


  1. Lady Justice Monica Mugenyi: Principal Judge, East Africa Court of Justice
  2. Justice Henry Peter Adonyo: Executive Director, Judicial Studies Institute
  3. Lady Justice Irene Mulyagonja: Inspector General of Government
  4.  Justice Mike Chibitta: Director of Public Prosecutions
  5.  Lady Justice Julia Sebutinde: International Court of Justice
  6. Justice Asaph Ruhundi: Chief Judge, Industrial Court
  7.  Lady Justice Linda Lillian Tumusiime Mugisha, Industrial Court
  8. Justice Benjamin Kabiito: Chairperson, Judicial Service Commission





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