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Museveni hails diaspora youth, calls for capacity building

President Museveni (2nd right) and state minister Kiyingi (middle) pose with members of the UNAYDA. PHOTO PPU


President Yoweri Museveni has commended youth in the diaspora who want to return home and share experiences with other youth about the income generating opportunities.

“There are two types of societies; industrial and pre-industrial societies. Our people living in the preindustrial society have different attitudes about work. The diaspora youth who moved from pre-industrial to industrial want to go back home and do things themselves,” he said.

The president said after being exposed, the youth in the diaspora now see opportunity back home and know that there are more chances of livelihood in Uganda than in the diaspora’ which is already saturated. He said the main challenge for youth in Uganda is undermining certain jobs.

Museveni was meeting team leaders of the Uganda North American Youth Development Association led by Dennis Matanda at his residency at the Waldof Astoria Hotel in New York. The State Minister for Youth Affairs Nakiwala Kiyingi also attended the meeting, Charles Wasajja the President of the association and Jennifer Angel Nabukenya a member.

“Attitude change is very important. Youth want to get out of Uganda thinking there is better opportunity abroad until they get there and the situation is different. You can exploit the opportunities at home and make money. Am happy that you want to share with other youth how to be entrepreneurial,” he said.

Minister Kiyingi said they have been providing loans for the youth under the youth livelihood programme but some youth have no idea what to do. She said this year alone, government has committed sh 86billion to the youth fund and that this was a good opportunity to follow up on the projects they are involved in to ensure that they perform.

Dennis Matanda said that their aim is to support capacity building initiatives for the youth at home, build entrepreneur skills, ensure quality of their products and access markets.

“Agoa is a great opportunity as an outlet for all Ugandans. Our youth need to go through a process to know that the products they produce meet international standards in order to exploit the markets. The youth whoever need an attitude change even those who are educated. It is their skills and works which matter not their books,” he said.


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