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MUSEVENI: Everyone’s focus should be on creating more jobs

President Museveni talks to exhibitors at the Labour Day celebrations today
Namutumba, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  President Yoweri Museveni has re-emphasised the importance of creating more jobs to get Ugandans out of unemploment, instead of focussing on the remuneration of those already in work.
“As we celebrate this Labour day, we should focus more on how to create enough jobs for all Ugandans, as opposed to discussing the welfare and enhanced remuneration of the few employed Ugandans,” Museveni said today as he presided over the International Labour celebrations in at the Namutumba district ceremonial grounds. This year’s Labour day theme is “Promoting positive work culture and Ethics.”
The President said that whereas the welfare and remuneration of the workers is important, the need to create more jobs and do away with unemployment is more of the concern for the government.
“I therefore ask all citizens to support the government programs that are focused on job and wealth creation, such as the Parish Development Model that will help generate enough jobs for the entire population. If we implement seriously the Parish Development Model, we shall generate 70 million jobs in the 7 million homesteads across the country through modern agriculture alone,” he said.
He warned of two major hindrances to the country’s development agenda.
“There is the  corrupt political class and civil service who either demand for bribes or delay the decision making process, which increases the cost of doing business in the country. I am going to have a big fight with the corrupt,” he said.
“I don’t want you to fall victim of this negative vice (corruption). Let’s join hands and fight corruption and be part of the future of the new Africa.”

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