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Ministry of health to spray travellers with disinfectants

According to the health ministry, spraying is one of the measures being used by other countries that have proved to be effective

Kampala, Uganda  | THE INDEPENDENT |  The Ministry of Health is to start spraying all travellers who enter the country. 

This is a new measure that the health ministry has come up within a bid to stop the spread of COVID 19 into the country. 

According to the health ministry, all travellers and their luggage will be sprayed as they disembark from aircrafts. 

Atek Kagirita, the COVID 19 incident manager at the ministry of health says that new measures will ensure that even passengers who might have come into contact with the disease unknowingly are protected.

Kagirita says that they are going to use a disinfectant spray chemical recommended by both the World Health Organisation and the US Food and Drug Administration. The health ministry, however, refused to reveal the identity of the spray.

The spraying method is already being used in China, Italy, South Korea and the United States. In countries like the US, chemical disinfectants like Clorox Commercial Solutions, Dani Prime Germicidal Spray and Lysol Heavy Duty cleaner concentrate are being used.

Kagirita adds that the new preventive method should not be a shock to people because the government is determined to keep COVID 19 out of the country. 

Uganda’s decision to spray comes at a time when the world is seeing an increasing number of COVID 19 cases. According to WHO, the rate of the spread of the disease is worrying. 

As of Wednesday, figures from WHO show that over 118,000 people have been infected and over 4,000 deaths reported.



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