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Mbale residents living with disabilities form SACCO to fight poverty


Mbale, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Mbale residents living with disabilities have contributed money and established a savings and credit society to help finance their individual engagements so as to reduce on the biting poverty levels.

Operating under the Mbale Union of Disabled Persons, the newly formed SACCO intends to tap into public finance by benefiting from government funding for fighting poverty. James Kishelo, the chairperson of the SACCO says that they have already registered over one hundred members from Mbale city and Mbale district.

Furthermore, the cooperators have already 80 million shillings so far which they are going to start giving out to their members as loans to start small business as they pay back at small interest rates rather than going in banks.

Kishelo is confident that this SACCO is going to help them to lobby funds and other projects from government for people living with disabilities.

Khusaine Kabala, the chairperson of Mbale union of disabled persons urged other remaining disabled people who have not joined the SACCO to do so for their own benefit. Aramazan Basibu, one of the SAACO members expressed his happiness with the SACCO says that this will help them to fight poverty and boost their living standards.



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