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Byabakama dismisses Bobi Wine allegations

Justice Simon Byabakama in an earlier meeting with Bobi Wine

📌 9th Reading of the provisional Uganda 2020 Presidential Election Results- 11.30 am local time
✳Registered Voters: 18,103,603
✳Polling stations: 34,684
✳Received 31,599 or 91.11% of the total number of polling stations

✳ Museveni 5,562,141 (58.89)
✳ Kyagulanyi 3,263,309 (34.55%)
✳ Amuriat 310,753 (3.29%)
✳ Muntu 62,152 (0.66)
✳ Kabuleta 42,172(0.45%)
✳ Mao 51,669 (0.55%)
✳ Tumukunde 47,397 (0.50%)
✳ Kalembe 35,103 (0.37%)
✳ Katumba 34,258 (0.36%)
✳ Mwesigye 23,346 (0.25%)
✳ Mayambala 12,884 (0.14%)

📌 Valid Votes 9,445,184
📌 Invalid Votes 356,665 (3.4% of votes cast)
📌 Total votes declared 9,801,849 (54.14%) of total registered voters
📌 Spoilt votes 27,592
📌 Next and final reading and declarations will be at 3 pm, local time

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  Elections Commission boss Justice Simon Byabakama dismissed Ronert Kyagulanyi’s allegations that the elections are rigged due to the shutdown of the internet in the country as electoral activities go on.

Justice Byamukama was announcing the results at 2 pm on Saturday.

“The shutdown of internet does not affect transmission of results to the tally centre” he said adding that “There should be no complaints”

Justice Byamukama said candidates are free to send representatives to the tally centre to monitor the tallying, explaining that “few have done so” and that he was not happy with “assertions that the elections were rigged”

“The law requires us to give all the candidates’ agents at polling stations a copy of signed declaration forms. Each of the candidates should by now have all the declaration forms from the 34, 684 polling stations” he said.

He added that it’s upon Kyagulanyi to prove that the elections were rigged.

“Kyagulanyi says the results are fake, but in the law , the burden is on him to provide certain facts, to prove how the results are rigged” Justice Byamukama said.

Meanwhile the latest provisional results, with 91% of the polling stations submissions in, shows that the incumbent Museveni is still on the lead after polling 58.89 percent (5,562,141 votes ) of the 54 percent of the total registered voters so far declared.

The leading opponent Kyagulanyi has 34.5 percent (3,263,309 votes) as at 11.30 am this morning.



  1. The released results were pre tallied and the the real results of the 14th January polling are not announced. This means is the reason as to why the gov’t shuts down all the outlets through which the opposition could utilize to access the efficacy of the tallying process.Bobi wine is right to not accept the results.

  2. Ha ha ha! The defeated candidate should congratulate the winner. Wine’s expectations were too high even though he’s a political novice. He’s now licking his wounds! He should ask Besigye what it means to be a losing candidate and also out of parliament. He will now be seen in courts for the pre-election cases against him. He doesn’t have immunity. The MPs he helped win are in a better position once in parliament. He has been used as a stepping stone for many to go to parliament. The powers from the source of the Nile have not helped him. He’s now a cry baby. Even crying to the West is now not helpful. To the West he might just be another sore loser not worth their dollars anymore.

  3. You are an idiot who deserves to die,stupid

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