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LIVE: President Museveni statement on COVID-19

President Museveni addressing the nation. PHOTO PPU

▶ Cabinet decisions on COVID-19 (CoronaVirus)
✳ All schools closed from Friday
✳ All religious gatherings suspended
✳ Political and cultural public meetings
✳ Bans Ugandan travel to China, US, Italy, UK
✳ Wedding gatherings suspended, except if small numbers involved
✳ Funerals to be regulated
✳ Discos, bars, concerts suspended
✳ Avoid mass transport

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | President Yoweri Museveni has announced that all schools in Uganda will be closed on Friday and religious gatherings suspended immediately as a measure against the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Speaking live on TV and radio, he outlined the direction Uganda will take in the fight against the virus. (see full speech page 2)

He started by explaining two ways the Corona Virus Disease can be overcome. He said the death rate from the virus is not as bad as that of ebola – so far only 3% unlike Ebola at 67%-  and also that it enters the body only through the soft spots of the face like eyes, nose and mouth.

Uganda so far has no confirmed case of the Coronavirus, and has been hailed by many observers worldwide for their preparedness, that many attribute to a lessons learnt in battles against diseases like Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

Since 2018, Uganda has been in emergency mode and has had to respond to outbreaks of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), Yellow Fever, Measles and Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF)— all in regular succession. At the same time, the country has been ready and constantly monitoring the EVD outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with heightened keen interest.

While this might put Uganda slightly ahead of other countries in the region in terms of readiness, authorities are not taking any chances. The Ministry of Health (MoH), with support from partners, has put in place a comprehensive response plan that is guiding ongoing preparedness activities.

Uganda’s neigbours, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and DRC have confirmed several cases.

Health minister Aceng checking the screening instruments at Entebbe airport.

The number of novel coronavirus cases globally stands at 194,000 with 7,873 deaths, across 150 countries and territories, according to a tally compiled by AFP from official sources.

Many countries are testing only those cases requiring hospital treatment, and experts say the real figure is probably higher.

China — excluding Hong Kong and Macau — where the outbreak emerged in December, has to date declared 80,894 cases, including 3,237 deaths, with 69,601 people recovered. The country declared 13 new cases and 11 new fatalities since Tuesday.

President Museveni talks to health officials after he was screened at Entebbe airport. PHOTO PPU


The worst-hit nation after China is Italy with a total of 2,503 deaths (31,506 cases), Iran with 988 fatalities (16,169 cases), Spain with 491 deaths (11,178 cases) and France with 175 deaths (7,730 cases).

▶ Timeline of Uganda response to #COVID19 #CoronaVirus

✳ Jan 20 – Screening starts of all passengers arriving at Entebbe Airport
✳ Jan 30 – The WHO declares COVID-19 outbreak a public health emergency
✳ Jan 31 – Ministry of Health officials meet Chinese Amb Zheng Zhu Qiang
✳ Feb 1 – PM Rugunda chairs inter-ministerial meeting
✳ Feb 3 – President Museveni sets example, screened at Entebbe arrivals
✳ Feb 3 – 2nd meeting between MOH and Chinese Amb
✳ Feb 3 – Uganda’s Cabinet discusses virus outbreak
✳ Feb 5 – Minister of Health Aceng updates the public
✳ Feb 11 – MOH update Statement on preparedness
✳ Feb 19 – MOH issues detailed guidelines on how to prevent virus
✳ Feb 21 – Screening starts at Malaba and Busia border points
✳ Feb 26 – MOH Press brief, no suspected or confirmed case of #COVID19 in Uganda
✳ Feb 26 – Minister of Health Aceng briefs press
✳ March 2 – ICT Minister Nabakooba releases ministerial statement
✳ March 2 – MOH- all international conferences postponed
✳ March 8 – 22 Europeans coming for a conference sent back home after they refused to self quarantine
✳ March 11 – MOH restricts travel and puts quarantine on arrivals from 16 high risk countries including US & UK
✳ March 12 – Uganda restricts travel to countries hit by COVID 19
✳ March 13 – MOH releases guidelines to schools
✳ March 18 – President Museveni statement to the nation


  1. Mr President, thanks for sensitizing Ugandans.
    All we need is to strengthen borderlines so that we’re free from infection(s) and to increase to our health (to keep ourselves with high measures of cleanliness).
    Thanks to you Mr President for your concern.

  2. It true that we have ignorance

  3. we need to thank president museven for acting so fast in preventing deadly diseases.

  4. Atusasiibwe Yonah

    Grate thanks head to president for having acted suspiciously onto a deadly disease (COVID-19). Ugandans, let us respond to thr message as expected. Thank you.

  5. Atusasiibwe Yonah

    Ugandans, we must take action u pone this problem.

  6. Thanks to H.E Kaguta, in your effort together with your team to fight against this deadly disease. God bless you as you continue leading this Nation. Jesus loves you.

  7. Again thank you Dad for saving our lives.

  8. Saddened Ugandan

    Can we be clear… what is the difference between testing and screening?

    Can mere screening at ports of entry be enough considering the seriousness of COVID-19?

    Shouldn’t people be getting tested instead of just screened?

  9. TYPICAL SLAVE MENTALITY- the WHITE man says JUMP and the Black man ,instead f saying WHY should I Jump, says instead, “How High”. Musevenii seems to be owned, by ISRAELIS, who live on stolen land stolen by the WHITE JEW, stolen from Palestinians. They are coming for your homes,NOW.

    The corona Virus is BIO WAR by WHITE RULERS to gain control over this planet

    Here is only one of a very few ,WHITE people, a former Jew, now a Christian, called Brother Nathanael, telling you the TRUTH :

    Pay close attention, because there are only a FEW White people who will tell you the truth, because they are afraid of their own.

    Stand up my Black Brothers and Sisters and “RESIST”, peacefully,of course !

  10. I failed to mention that Vitamin C and D in large doses will stop ANY Virus, so FEAR not.

    Vitamin C in doses of 3000 Milligrams per day and Vitamin D in doses of 3000 UNITS per day. If you are already or get sick DOUBLE those doses until you feel the sickness leaving you.

    Any Pharmacy or the Health shop, which sells Vitamins can provide what you need There used to be a very good Health Shop ,on the second floor, of the Garage at Garden City.Try it also, if it is still there.It is close to the Casino

  11. thanks to president M7 to avoid the the spread of corona virus early

  12. Am Bodaboda Man From Kasese I Request Museveni To Help All Bodaboda People Bcoz Some Of People Get Money From Bodaboda, Many Of Them No Maney, Many People Have Wife, I Respect M7 Plz Help

  13. With increasing cases found daily, we need to be able to also restrict inter district movements except only business vehicles carrying essential food sturffs. Secondly, we need to double the current days of quarantine for all those coming from outside the country while improve on the care for quarantine victims. should be supported than to leave them at their own cost.

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