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LIVE: Museveni wins with 58.64% of vote


Museveni top

✳ Museveni 5,851,037 (58.64)
✳ Kyagulanyi 3,475,298 (34.83%)
✳ Amuriat 323,536 (3.24%)
✳ Muntu 65,334 (0.65)
✳ Kabuleta 44,300 (0.44%)
✳ Mao 55,665 (0.56%)
✳ Tumukunde 50,141 (0.50%)
✳ Kalembe 37,469 (0.38%)
✳ Katumba 35,983 (0.36%)
✳ Mwesigye 24,673 (0.25%)
✳ Mayambala 14,657 (0.15%)

• Registered Voters: 18,103,603
• Polling stations: 34,684

• Valid Votes 9,978,093
• Invalid Votes 381,386 (3.68% of votes cast)
• Total votes declared 10,359,479 (57.22%) of total registered voters

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Elections Commission boss Justice Simon Byabakama has declared Yoweri Museveni Turuhagurwa Kaguta as the winner of the 2020 Uganda Presidential Elections.

At the 10th and final reading of the cumulative results declarations, Justice Byabakama noted the ‘resilience and determination’ of the people of Uganda who turned up to elect their leaders in the Parliamentary and Presidential elections even as the COVID-19 pandemic continued to be a threat to public health.

The opposition leader, who has been arrested multiple times during the campaigning, earlier said to reporters that the presidential election was marred by ‘fraud and violence’ without providing any evidence.

Bobi Wine said he would detail election irregularities by the ruling party once the internet was restored. The internet remained down for days as vote counting continued.

Only 57% of the registered 18.3 million voters turned up, which shows the election, marred by campaign violence before polling day, had a lower than expected turn out.

While the low turn out seems to have favoured the incumbent, it exposed 25 ministers, including Vice President Edward Ssekandi.

The biggest defeat of ministers was in Buganda where Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP) swept many seats. Ministers kicked out include VP Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi Beti Kamya, Judith Nabakooba, Amelia Kyambadde, Ruth Nankabirwa, Ssempijja, Dr Muyingo, Seninde, Nakiwala and Kibule.


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  1. This is Victory for Uganda against the imperialists and their indisciplined agent.

    Bravo to to all sane Ugandans, Bravo to our gallant men in uniform and Gen. Museveni

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