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Kitgum prepares first St. Janani Luwum memorial lecture

The late Archbishop Luwum

Kitgum, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The organizing committee of the 46th St Janani Luwum has set February 15th, 2023 for the inaugural memorial lecture in honor of the saint.

Canon Gladys Oyat, the local organizing committee chairperson, says the inaugural St. Janani Luwum memorial lecture will provide people with adequate information about the saint and inform others about the values he exhibited, his service to society, courage, and leadership so that people can draw lessons.

Archbishop Janani Luwum was murdered in February 1976 during the reigns of then-president Field Marshall Iddi Amin Dada. He was killed together with the former Inspector General of Police Wilson Erinayo Oryema, and former Defence Minister Charles Oboth Ofumbi for criticizing Amin’s dictatorial ways of rule.

Amin’s regime was characterized by violence, great suffering, human rights abuses, and subsequent downturn of the economy. Many believe that St. Janani Luwum’s death laid a firm foundation on which, his predecessors are standing.

Canon Oyat said the memorial lecture would serve as payback for all that St. Janani Luwum did to bring Amin’s dictatorial regime to an end.

Christopher Obol Arwai, the Kitgum district chairperson, said East Acholi is blessed because they have a saint and three blessed people. Arwai said besides Blessed Jildo Irwa and Daudi Okello, he considers Fr Giuseppe Ambrosoli, who was beatified in November 2022 as the third blessed because he served the people in Acholi and survived on the resources of Acholi land.

Arwai appealed to every member of the community to take part in the mobilization of resources needed to celebrate St. Janani Luwum, saying churches no longer rely on monetary aid from abroad.

Arwai revealed that they are already in talks with the district speaker to have a full council meeting to unveil a portrait of St. Janani Luwum as well as identify a spot where the statute of St. Janani Luwum will be erected.

The keynote presenter for the memorial lecture will be Prof. George Piwang, a member board of directors of Uganda Investment Authority. Themed “United for Service and Growth,”, the memorial lecture will be moderated by Dr. Olara Otunnu. There will also be a slot for guest speakers and testimonies from family members.



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