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Karimojong warriors kill one, rob 20 Cows near Presidential State Lodge


FILE PHOTO: Some warriors recently held by police and UPDF

Moroto, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Karimojong cattle rusttlers have attacked a village near the Presidential state Lodge, killing one person and robbing 20 cows.

The attack on Lominit village in  Lomunio parish, Lotome sub county 3 kilometers to the President’s Lodge in Moru Linga left everyone wondering how daring the rustlers can be.

Simon Longole,  the chairperson of Lominit village said the warriors attacked the village at 8pm just after the president  a meet finisheding with Karamoja Members of Parliament.

He said they shot dead a young boy by the names Lomer, who was looking after the animals at the kraal.

“They came in a big number and many of them were armed with guns and raided 20 cows and 40 sheep,” he said.

Betty Nakiru, a resident of Lominit village said the security situation in Karamoja has reached a level where people enter their houses by 6pm.

“Imagine even when president Museveni is busy meeting leaders and security officials of Karamoja in Napak the raiders are still attacking people!” she exclaimed.

President Museveni is currently in Karamoja region meeting the district officials of Karamoja and members of parliament.

Yesterday on Friday, the president met the members of parliament for Karamoja region and the district chairpersons with whom they discussed about ending the current insecurity in the region.

Today on Saturday, the president is meeting all the UPDF commanders and they will be discussing issues of security and disarmament.

Micheal Longole, the Karamoja regional police Spokesperson confirmed the raid saying the joint forces of Army and the Antistock theft unit personel are already on the ground tracking the raiders.

He said so far the 40 raided sheep’s have been recovered abandoned by the warriors after the sheep got tired of running.

“Our forces are tracking them and the foot marks are entering Moroto so we will get them,” he said.



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