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Inter-Religious Committee of Kasese drums for relief to the vulnerable

FILE PHOTO: Distribution of gov’t food relief

Kasese, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Religious leaders in Kasese district are rallying advantaged Ugandans in the region to contribute relief towards persons affected by the ongoing lockdown and floods.

Residents from various places have increasingly been storming the RDC’s compound demanding for relief since the extension of the lockdown a week ago. The situation was worsened when rivers in Kasese and other parts of the Rwenzori region burst their banks throwing thousands of families into uncertainty.

Rev Ezra Nyongeza Mukonjo the chairperson Inter-religious committee of Kasese calls on well-wishers in the district to contribute generously now that the district is faced with multiple calamities. Rev. Mukonjo observes that the government is now stretched to attend to the rising humanitarian needs across the country.

The committee chairperson adds that the council is already giving out letters calling on various entities including religious institutions and the business community to offer relief to those in need.

Kasese district Khadi Sheikh Abdu Akim Juma says a number of people are stuck in their houses with nothing to eat, adding that several Muslim families are fasting with difficulty during this month of Ramadhan.

He wants those who can to contribute more relief to the task force to save hundreds that are living through a hard life.

The Bishop of Kasese Diocese Francis Kibira observes that the current challenges including the coronavirus pandemic must formulate a national debate in regard to food security and economic inclusion of all Ugandans.

Rev Jackson Thembo Nzerebende, the Bishop of South Rwenzori Diocese notes that the current situations must remind Ugandans about the value of unity and self-help. The religious leaders have donated maize flour, matooke, eggs and other items to the COVID-19 district task force since the lockdown.

Kasese today has over 120,000 persons that have been displaced by floods that hit the district since Thursday Morning.



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