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In The Independent: Opposition against Museveni growing?

The top stories in the End of Year Special Edition. Get a copy at your nearest stand.

Opposition against Museveni growing?: Attacks on security installations, poverty, transition politics mark 2016

Cracks in Museveni relations with donors: Professors show why Museveni will win

What’s wrong in education?: Sixth Uwezo survey finds learning outcomes consistently low

On-job training for graduates: Facilitate transition from education the world of work by passing on work skills and industry competencies

Uganda’s war on corruption: Why do many people believe corruption is out of control despite many prosecutions?

Uganda’s slow oil and gas infrastructure development: Following the withdraw of the Russian-led consortium RT Global Resources

2016- Bankers divided on impact of miserable year: Non-performing loans more than doubles to 7.7 %, Crane Bank sinks

Van Gogh’s spell on Paulo Akiiki: Vincent Willem van Gogh, the Dutch post-impressionist painter, is easily among the most famous and influential figures

Driving in future is likely to be boring: Enjoy driving your car while you can. Enjoy using a manual gearshift yourself While you can

*Museveni warns errant judges as lawyers celebrate 60 years

*NRM releases plan for LC elections

*Disgruntled youth cause chaos as youth policy is launched

*Kenya’s Kenyatta becomes first victim of new law

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