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IN THE INDEPENDENT: Kizza Besigye’s biggest mistake

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Kizza Besigye’s biggest mistake: On Feb.2, Kizza Besigye, the former Presidential flag bearer for the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), called the press to announce a new pressure group he is calling the People’s Government Network.

ECOMOG’s Gambian gamble: The likely dangers of the Western African states’ attempts to impose a solution on The Gambia.

Oil and gas boom in 2017: Setting up an oil refinery remains a big headache for the country’s oil and gas resources.

Rwanda’s Twa challenge: Historically Marginalised People want more from the government.

Museveni faces tough 2017: Protests to increase if economy, security brutality worsen.

Slum health is not like urban health: Why we must distinguish between the two.

Economy to rebound? : Business captains punch holes in Bank of Uganda projections.

Steel troubles melt away in 2017: Sector positive on government promise of deals in infrastructure projects.

Banks project a better year: BoU cut its central bank rate from 13% in October to 12% in December to stimulate economic activities.

When goldsmith turns to paper beads: Anyone who knows the exploits of Ugandan artist Sanaa Gateja can state without fear of criticism for journalistic exaggeration that he is the only remnant of the early post-colonial crop still actively turning and influencing the wheels of contemporary art.

Mayiga’s mission: Is Katikkiro’s third book Uganda: `7-Key Idea’ a presidential manifesto?.

Judith Nassali helps women, girls: Judith Nassali is the National Director for African Women and Girls Organisation in Uganda. Her work involves helping women “walk into self-discovery” and have an optimistic approach towards life.

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  1. All Besigye needs is appearance in the media. His supporters don’t even need to read the story. His appearance is enough.

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