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Herbalist arrested in Soroti for claiming COVID-19 cure

Enanga announced arrest

Soroti, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The police is holding a 24-year-old man who hoodwinked people in Soroti that he can cure COVID-19, with a concoction of herbal medicine.

Speaking to Journalists at the Uganda Media Centre today, police spokesperson Fred Enanga said they couldn’t allow the suspect, identified as Okungu Lazarus, to confuse the people because COVID-19 has no cure at least, as of now.

Enanga called upon people to report to police or other security agencies anybody who claims to have medicine that cures the medicine.

He added that such people work against the government efforts to stop the spread of the disease by giving people false hope that they have cure.

The police also arrested number of people across the country for flouting orders issued by the president relating to the curfew or operating businesses that the government said should close.

Among those arrested include six people who were picked from Nasser Road in Kampala for opening their printing shops

“They could have been attracted by the demand for some of these movement permits and some of the stickers that were issued. Already we have two people we have arrested for forging movement permits,” Enanga said.

Meanwhile Enanga also revealed that their cybercrime unit is actively investigating the origin of a racially motivated video and audio that claimed that people from a certain tribe were responsible for the spread of the COVID-19 in Uganda.

“It’s a dangerous recording because it stirs racial hatred between the different ethnic communities in our country. This message is abusive to a number of selected political actors,” Enanga said.

He added that they are committed to fully investigating the matter and called upon anyone who can help them identify the person who made the recording. He said that the police had put aside a prize for that person.

When asked what kind of prize that such a person would get, Enanga told URN that the police had dedicated a 3million Shillings bounty for anyone who will help them apprehend the suspect.



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