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Girls University, Tororo radio to get Museveni boost this year

Kwar Adhola Moses Owor (middle) and his delegation with President Yoweri Museveni. His delegation included Bernadette Olowo (2nd right), and (left to right) Personal assistant Joseph Odongo, Tororo Broadcasting Network (RockCity Radio) board chair Geresom Okecho-Ochwo and Prime Minister Obbo.  Others who attended were Ministers Oboth Oboth and Asamo Grace  PHOTO PPU

Entebbe, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | President Yoweri Museveni has pledged sh1.5billion to help the Tieng Adhola Cultural Institution (TACI) purchase land to construct a first ever Ugandan girls university in Tororo.

He also promised another sh200 million to enable TACI to complete installation of the Tororo Broadcasting Network Limited radio (RockCity Radio).

A delegation of five led by Kwar Adhola Moses Stephen Owor on Thursday met President Yoweri Museveni in Entebbe, where they had long discussions on matters related to the activities of the Jopadhola cultural institution in Tororo.

Kwar Adhola Owor and his delegation that included Jago (Prime Minister) Richard Josel Obbo and Tororo Broadcasting Network Limited Board chairman Geresom Okecho-Ochwo, told the president that land amounting to 50 acres has already been identified.

Partners from across the world including the United States of America (USA) have been identified to help in the construction of the Women’s University of Science and Technology in Tororo (AWUSTT) that will be privately owned. Earlier proposals to upgrade and transform Tororo Girls School into the proposed university, have been shelved and instead, new pieces of land will be secured from the Benedictine Fathers of Tororo.

“I can pay sh500 million now and I will have a billion in the next budget,” ChimpReports reported President Museveni saying during the meeting. He however reminded the delegation of the government’s policy of having one public university per zone. Bukedi zone already has Busitema University.

“We do not want to create a situation where we have two public universities in the same region yet other regions have not received any,”  he remarked.

On easing of administrating costs in the kingdoms, he reiterated an earlier plan of supporting cultural institutions, so they do not tax their subjects to raise funds. He again restated his plan to provide Shs60 million per month to cultural institutions.

“We didn’t agree on collecting money from the public because we don’t want multiple taxation. It’s better we have a consolidated fund (money collected by the Central Government) and we share. So, I will resume my effort on the issue of the 60 million, so that the cultural leader gets 10 million and the rest is shared accordingly,” he said.

In addition, he said government will buy three cars for the Jopadhola cultural institution; one for the King (Kwar Adhola), the Prime Minister (Jago) and a van to ease transportation challenges in the kingdom.

He added that “ I think we should have a clear policy on  kings-may be to give them new cars every five years; one vehicle for the cultural leader, one for the Prime Minister and a van for the others. I think that’s a good arrangement which the Government can do automatically. They don’t need to ask. We should stop this ad hoc way and have a regular way.”

Kwar Adhola Owor thanked President Museveni for championing development in Uganda.

“We have noticed the development that has followed your hard work and we want to reassure you of our support,” Owor said.

He also expressed gratitude to the President for spotting leading sons of Tororo to be part of his government. He mentioned Okoth Ochola (Inspector General of Police),  Asamo Grace (State Minister for Elderly and Disability),  Defence State Minister Oboth Oboth, Prof. Charles Mark Lwanga Olweny (Chancellor Mbarara University of Science and Technology – MUST), Dr. Tanga Odoi (Chairman, NRM Electoral Commission),  Ofwono Opondo (Director of Uganda Media Center) and Charles Okoth Owor (Chairman of the Electricity Tribunal).

Tororo radio on air online already

FILE PHOTO: A radio studio. Tororo is set to have a new radio (Rockcity Radio) on air this year

A Sh600 million funds drive to establish a radio to serve Tororo district and beyond was in 2020 initiated by the Tieng Adhola Cultural Institution, with appeals going to potential donors in Uganda and abroad. The radio has started tests online.(click here to listen to ROCKCITY radio ) or (RockCity Radio TORORO)

Close to sh400m has been raised in cash and pledges in the past two years. Area MPs Oboth Oboth and Emmanuel Otaala have already each offered  sh10million while Tanga Odoi, has offered sh6million..

Tororo Rock to get a new voice in its bosom. The new radio is expected to dominate the Tororo airwaves.

UCC license costs to the tune of Sh45 million, have already been pledged by the area MP, Apollo Yeri. Already in place is a house offered by Ambassador Bernadette Olowo- Freers at Tororo central business district that will be repurposed and wired to host the radio. This will offset a budget of sh6m annually in rent.

There are currently three radio stations in Tororo. Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has allowed all three to operate at an average of 1,500 watts but  what was approved for Tororo was a 500W FM transmitter, that will not go far for a community radio. Radio board chair Geresom Okecho-Ochwo said they will be seeking to operate at a higher level and will appeal again to UCC.

First Fundraising

At the first fundraising in November 2020, Kwar Adhola Moses Owor challenged clans in Padhola to spearhead the drive to mobilise support for the radio, which he said will be a main vehicle for communication.

“Our people are praised for being hardworking. Now is the time for the Jopadhola, each of them, to show what they are capable of,” Kwar Adhola said.

A bid from a participant on Zoom being relayed at the first fundraising.


Banking and mobile money details

The committee has opened collection bank accounts with DFCU Bank Limited, Acacia Branch to ease the fundraising drive.

TACI have also included a GoFundMe initiative (GoFundMe ) online as one of the ways to raise funds. It is organised by Prof Robert Owor at Albany State University.


ACCOUNT NO (UGX): 01063658295260

ACCOUNT NO (USD): 02063658329257

📌 Treasurer, Constant Othieno Mayende Mobile Money (MTN: 0772 590464 or Airtel: 0751 233470)

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