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East African leaders head to Dar to decide on EU-EAC Economic Partnership

East African leaders at the last summit.

Arusha, Tanzania | JUMUIYA| The 18th Ordinary East African Community (EAC) Heads of State Summit has been set for May 20, 2017, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.Top on the agenda is the consideration of EU-EAC Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and Sustainable Financing Mechanism for the Community.

The Summit will also consider the status of the EAC Political Federation, the appointment of a Deputy Secretary General from the Tanzania, the appointment of a Judge from South Sudan to the First Instance Division of the East African Court of Justice.

The Summit will also receive a report on the roadmap for the accelerated integration of South Sudan into the EAC, and consider progress report on the implementation framework for the EAC Institutional Review.

Also on the agenda are: a progress report on the verification exercise for the admission of the Republic of Somalia into the EAC; a report on the modalities for promotion of motor vehicle assembly in the region and to reduce the importation of used motor vehicles from outside the Community, and; a report on the review on the textile and leather sector with a view to phasing out importation of used textiles and footwear.

The Summit will consider assenting to Bills passed by the East African Legislative Assembly and will also present awards to the winners of the EAC Students Essay, 2016. The Summit will also declare the transformation of the EAC into a Common Higher Education Area.

The Summit is being preceded by the 34th Extraordinary Meeting of the EAC Council of Ministers that is currently underway at the Dar es Salaam Serena Hotel.

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  1. EAC must borrow a leaf from ECOWAS in terms of political settlement other than to remain like a toothless bucking dog that bucks but does not bite eg let EAC see how the Zambian crisis was fixed just in minutes other than they (EAC) allowing their so called member states to continue with the political unrest making the civilians to suffer….shameful EAC wake up my friend

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