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Don’t leave polling station after voting – Tumukunde

Gen. Tumukunde on campaign trail. He is now seeking to protect his votes

ūüďƬ†National elections – January 14, 2021

Butambala, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | Gen. Henry Tumukunde has started a vote protection campaign as the country prepares for general elections next week.

Speaking in various trading centers in Butambala district, the presidential independent candidate has told voters that guarding against vote rigging is the major factor to focus on now. This however contradicts the message from the electoral commission urging people to vote, and return home to await the results.

At Kibibi trading center where Tumukunde opened a mobilisation office, he rallied the locals to stay at their respective polling stations after casting their votes.Responding to fears raised by residents of Gombe trading center that they had learnt of an order by police to chase them away after voting, Tumukunde said that this would just be a trick to rig.

Wherever he campaigned on Monday, including the towns in Butambala where Tumukunde campaigned for NUP’s Muwanga Kivumbi and Aisha Kabanda for Butambala constituency and Butambala district woman mp respectively, he concentrated in protecting the ballots after voting.

“I urge you please to vote for only those people who are positive with regime change but not to those who are against change,‚ÄĚ he added.

Tukumunde however told them that he is the only experienced person who should be voted as president.



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