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Coca Cola company paying you $100,000 to give up smartphone

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Enhanced water company Vitaminwater, Coca Cola-owned company, recently launched a contest challenging entrants to give up their smartphones and tablets for a whole year.

That’s a tough thing to do in this day and age, but the company is ready to make it worth your while by putting up a $100,000 prize.

That means giving up your own phone and tablet as well as agreeing not to use anyone else’s handhelds either.

Sounds easy enough, but first you have to convince the company that you’re the right person for the job.


  1. am not understanding this info, wat a u trying to say

  2. Iam not getting you well.

  3. I’m ready to take up the challenge coke.contact me.

  4. Me am ready

  5. I’m willing to take up the challenge. May you please contact me?

  6. am ready to take a charge

  7. it’s too easy compared to the price tag

  8. Bring it on I’m ready 0631082710

  9. bring it on I’m ready 0631082710

  10. What’s in it for them, these Coca-Cola people? They hardly do anything where there’s no financial or commercial gain!

  11. I have always wanted something to keep me off the phone, am ready

  12. Am very ready for the challenge

  13. Make it more clear

  14. please Cocacola am more than ready for that challenge i will surrender everything just to win that money.

  15. Is it in South Africa aswell? As I need that prize money to pay off my debts

  16. I am ready for the challenge please contact me.

  17. I am ready for the challenge please let me know.

  18. I really need the money to start my life and a family. Will be able to do this no matter what. Contact me please

  19. How will they monitor participants? Disclose them like the BBA ? Coke please, give more details.

  20. Im ready to take challange

  21. No problem I’ll give up my smartphone for life contact me and I’ll prove it to you lol and in south Africa no one will borrow their phonesdue to they think you will rob them ….. I’m more than ready

  22. go on cocacola am ready

  23. They’re gonna find an extreme addict who spends 24/7 on their phone. Not some average Joe user who checks Facebook or Instagram or whatever a few times a day.

    That want someone who will fail. Lower risk of payout and the publicity is already there.

  24. Am ready to fulfill company needs and i urgue people to take more of coca-cola drinks to enjoy the refreshment.

  25. Iam ready.

  26. I’m up for the challenge

  27. Am in just get me the cash

  28. Am ready for it



  31. This is amazing, man! More details pls

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