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Can Uganda successfully industrialise?

By Juma A. Okuku After attaining independence in 1962, Uganda embarked on a process of industrialisation that would be disrupted by political turmoil in the intervening years. In the last 20 years though, President Museveni has talked about the need for Uganda to industrialise so as to be able to …

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Organic cotton farming:

By Independent Reporter Tanzania overtakes Uganda African producers are muscling onto the global organic market, snatching four of the ten top producer slots, according to the Organic Cotton Farm and Fiber Report 2008 released by the international monitoring body, Organic Exchange (OE) Uganda retained the seventh position among the top …

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Global organic cotton expands by 152 percent

By Independent Reporter Thanks to the heightened demand from small-to-large sized retailers around the world, the organic cotton cultivation has zoomed 152 percent in 2007-08, according to a recent report by Texas-based Organic Exchange (OE) The report titled Organic Cotton Farm and Fiber Report 2008 said that organic cotton production …

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Air Uganda introducing transcontinental flights

By Patrick Kagenda Air Uganda, a privately owned airline that flies the national flag, plans to introduce transcontinental flights, according to Mr Peter de Waal, the company Chief Executive Officer. He unveiled the two-year plan to journalists while speaking on the airlines first anniversary of operations in Uganda. Air Uganda …

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Fight poverty; urbanise, integrate markets

By Independent Reporter World Bank Development Report 2009 diverts from tradition on how the poor can create and grow wealth Released on November 7, 2008, in Washington DC, the World Development Report 2009: Reshaping Economic Geography comes at a time of severe economic crisis, which history shows can cause nations …

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“Financial crisis hurting us”

By Patrick Kagenda The Independent’s Patrick Kagenda talked to Mr. Kirumira Vincent assistant marketing manager of Crest Foam in charge of promotions on the effects of the global financial crisis on their business. How has the global financial crisis affected your business? We purchase all items using the dollar. The …

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`Modernising the markets’

By Robert B. Zoellick The New Multilateralism will rely on national leadership and cooperation. September and October are shaping up to be hard months in a precarious year.  A meltdown in financial, credit, and housing markets.  The continuing stress of high food and fuel prices and the dangers for poverty …

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October shortage exposes empty talk

By Patrick Kagenda When long-distance truck drivers went on strike in protest against the poor state of the Malaba Border Post parking yard on October 20, the government left the Uganda Revenue Authority to resolve it. It did not work. On October 28, President Yoweri Museveni passed Malaba on his …

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