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Buganda kingdom queries issuance of land titles under the lake

Hamis Kiggundu under the spotlight for possessing land in Lake Victoria. File Photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Buganda kingdom has questioned ways through which a one Hamis Kiggundu acquired land titles under Lake Victoria.

Speaking to journalists at Bulange Mengo, the kingdom spokesperson Noah Kiyimba expressed dismay at how Hamis Kiggundu was able to acquire land titles in the lake, something unacceptable under the laws of Uganda.

Kiyimba also questioned the practicability of Kiggundu purchasing over 100 acres of land at a total of UGX100,000 in Kigo in 2018 meaning each acre cost him only UGX 714 yet land in the area is prime and very expensive.

Kiggundu through KIHAM enterprises claims to have acquired 140acres of land in Lake Victoria, this very land falling under the official Mailo land of the Kabaka. His freehold land titles, the kingdom says, are fake and they working on having them cancelled.

The said land is situated on Block 273 in the names of the Kabaka of Buganda. In 2019, Kiggundu through his partner Nakibinge Kaggwa, allegedly fraudulently obtained a freehold title for land situated between Serena Hotel Kigo and Mirembe Villas. The title was put under the names of Kiham Enterprises, where Kiggundu has a 99% stake and Nakibinge has 1%.

In March 2022, kingdom officials together with the Kabaka Protection Unit halted the activities of Kiggundu who allegedly with accomplices, had started grading and clearing a road leading to this land through a corridor that separates Serena Kigo and Mirembe Villas.

After the clash, there was a meeting held by Kiggundu and BLB representatives, chaired by Prince Wasajja at Bulange, Mengo to resolve issues amicably. After this meeting, Kiggundu declared that he had given up 140 acres of land in Kigo that had been under contention between him and Buganda Kingdom.

“Effective today, I have abandoned the land despite having acquired it in the right procedures, I leave it to the Kingdom in good faith and you will never hear me again contest for it,” the businessman declared.

However in May 2022, Kiggundu came up on the same issue, this time claiming that his land is inside the lake.

The Kingdom of Buganda has consequently called upon the government agencies such as NEMA and the Ministry of Water and Environment to come out and fight the act of a person reclaiming a national and regional body.



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