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Bobi Wine guard injured, abandons Kayunga campaign


TEAR GAS: Bobi Wine’s convoy battles through tear gas as they attempt to reach Kayunga. PHOTO @daniellutaaya

Kayunga, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has abandoned his campaign in Kayunga to take injured members of his entourage that have been shot to hospital.

The National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate was supposed to hold a rally this morning in Kayunga, but police dispersed the huge crowds following him, and chaos ensued.

In an interview with NBS TV, Bobi Wine said one of his police guards was shot in the head, and another member of his campaign team shot in the mouth, forcing them to head to Nazigo Health III centre for emergency treatment before being transferred to Kampala.

“They shot and severely injured several team members including my producer Dan Magic and a police officer attached to me, ASP Kato. Many in a critical condition. Nearby clinics being tear gassed,” he said.

“We are not going to give up. We are going to Jinja from here. It is our right to campaign and I wonder why the Electoral Commission is quiet when they released a roadmap that we are following.”




  1. This shows what the regime is,it controls all govt institutions. No democracy in ug under tubuhaburwa.

  2. But why can’t the stupid Byabakama restrict campaign to tv and radio at the cost of government instead of the impossible rallies. You allow rallies and then you go on shooting people. Are your heads totally empty?

    • M7 won’t allow tv & radio campaigns by his opponents under any circumstances.

      Bobi wine is constantly blocked or even forced out of studios despite paying for the airtime. Amuriat’s radio campaign in northern uganda was disrupted by cutting cables to transmitting equipment.

      The issue is, we have a life president / emperor that is too cowardly to come out & openly declare his life presidency like President Idi Amin did.

      The 2001, 2006 ,2011 & 2016 had similar issues of attempting to block candidates nomination, blocking campaigns, violence,deaths etc without the excuse of Covid-19 sop violations.

      In January this year, months before Covid-19 was in Uganda, Bobi Wine/people power’s presidential-candidature consultations were violently blocked using other equally preposterous excuses.

      And unfortunately it seems Besigye’s reported plan B, open armed rebellion or even nonviolent resistance thru means such as economic/political non-cooperation maybe the only means to bring about the much needed change in the country’s leadership.

      Or the religiously inclined could beseech the gods for the early demise of tibahaburwa.

  3. We need change better than anything u may think m7 go

  4. Thank you for the response. Then mr. M7 os completely out of his mind. Any person of sane mind should be able to correctly read the reading on the wall. In spite of all the blockades, Bobi is surging.

    I see catastrophe when he enteres Kampala

  5. I think them talking of plan b is the reason why all opposition party’s have to suffer.why do you speak of it.

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