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Angry Entebbe Town Clerk closes De Bar after Mowzey Radio’s death

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  The Entebbe Town Clerk has written an angry letter to the manager of De Bar, where Ugandan musician Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio of the Goodlyfe Crew was assaulted after an altercation at the pub.

“Following the gruesome incident of recent, that has led to the death of one of our top musicians aka Mozey Radio that happened in your bar, council within the powers versted in it to regulate and control businesses within her area of jurisdiction, has closed your bar with immediate effect,” the Town Clerk said in a statement.

“Any forceful operations will attract a fine of sh1,000,000,” the statement concluded.

Ten days after being beaten into a coma, Mowzey Radio died on Thursday morning at the intensive care unit at Case Hospital in Kampala.

Radio was reportedly knocked out cold by assailants last week in Entebbe after an altercation at Da Bar. Police have since made several arrests as they seek answers. No one has yet been charged.

Among those picked up was George Egesa, owner of the bar from where Mowzey was assaulted and then admitted to Emmanuel Clinic in Entebbe, transferred to Nsambya then to Case where hours later  doctors conducted a brain surgery. (read about AK47 DEATH in similar incident Page 2)

The incident last week was similar to that which led to the death of AK47 in 2015.

Emmanuel Mayanja Hummertone aka AK47 was beaten in a bar in Kabalagala before he died on arrival at Nsambya hospital, after he reportedly cracked his skull.

The singer was from the musical family that includes brothers Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone, Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso and Douglas Mayanja aka Weasle.

Reports then incidated that AK47 was beaten first at a bar and then went to the washroom to clean up, where he is thought to have slipped and fallen.

The bar DEJAVU, belonged to Jeff Kiwanuka, a former manager of the singing duo of Radio and Weasel.

Also, last October, renowned producer Dan Muto aka Danz Kumapeesa died four months after being bed-ridden at Nsambya Hospital.

The producer was hospitalized after reportedly being attacked by unidentified goons, who thumped him, and robbed him in a night attack in June.



  1. may the legendary musician radio rest in peace.we will always remain
    love you.GOD BLESS

  2. I’m so heartbroken right now ! Why humans continue to be so heartless? Where do we go from here ?

    • Our governments policy that protects criminals is yo blame for all Deaths of our young musicians many have been beaten in the same wat but no one is in prison, no justice.

  3. May his soul be judged mercefully

    • Why always in the #BAR
      There’s something behind that and #SAMBYA_HOSPITAL

      • The bars are the easiest areas where the homicide criminals easily catch their pray under the disguise of under the influence of drugs and alcohol, but yet they soba about wat they are doing. The so called security in the bars are doing the a active murdering and are let go. No security training to the so called security personnels.

  4. May your soul rest in peace, You will be missed a lot my King.

  5. Closing the Bra minus the so called musicians controlling their fights and anger will never help, many will still fight and will die, what with the Drugs they use!

  6. Why always in the #BAR
    There’s something behind that and #SAMBYA_HOSPITAL

  7. Its too bad we have lost a #top musician in Africa and world wide ..but my advise is that let the musician stop using drugs #kayaga or #Muti that impacts them to feel like they can fight or do anything
    And also …let bars learn from this situation how to control people n the bar , people in bars drunk and they start doing weird things so the bouncers should decrease on how they handle customers me I have abeef on one of the bouncers at casablanka in kororo called #musa who use to box people found idle in the bar ….ts not that everyone in the bar drinks let them learn from this other wise mob bars will be closed
    ….thanxs guys

    • Umar, those so called bouncers are the criminals hired to kill rivals. No bouncer has been put in the media as having been tried at taken for rehabilitation. It is our rotten policy on security and justice that is responsible for such deaths

  8. Its so heartbreaking for someone so young and so talented to die in such a manner. Why did they have to throw him down, they should have just thrown him out of the bar. Those bouncers are real murderers.

  9. R.I.P. Radio. We shall live to remember you

  10. why radio? you still have much to do, what is going on Ugandans, this is not the first time such thing happened AK47 Dead in the same manner, maybe there is a hand behind this,Ugandan Musician please some is not right, some one is behind this killing. please be careful take this issue serious.

  11. I wish he” postponed the drinking” which costed his soal. RIP mowzey.

  12. Rip our hero mozey

  13. ts really a pity dat the music industry and the country at large has lost a great talent. But our dear musicians (celebrities ) pliz learn how to watever you use (drugs), and please stop picking up useless fights. we hate lossing you. Today its Radio,tomorrow we never know who is next. Rest in peace Sekibogo Moses.

  14. We shdn’t hury to judge whether he used drugs or not! no one is perfect! ma heart is heavy coz his talent made me lov him lyk a real bro!RIP dear Moses!


  16. Imuko Denis Etesot

    Moses I Dealy Gat To Miss U So Very Much, U Left Me With Pain In My Heart Whenever I Hear Yo Voice, May U Rest In Peace In God’ Own Pleasure Gudbye Dia

  17. How superstar go dey fight for bar… Nigerian superstars move with body guard for exactly this reason. It is expensive, but it has its advantages.. RIP Mowzey

  18. we in kenya are also in shock…sorry for you loss…i really loved his voice…sooo saaad!!

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