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Al Shabaab militants disengage in Jowhar

By Julius Odeke

As the year 2013 begins, Al shabaab is under a snag as their militants are defecting from the al-Qaeda linked group and giving themselves up to AMISOM forces in Jowhar, 90km from the Capital Mogadishu.

Five fighters have disengaged in the first two days of January 2013. The first two fighters disengaged with their two submachine guns in the early hours of Tuesday morning while other 3 armed militants gave themselves up peacefully on Wednesday to Ugandan Contingent forces in Jawhar town.

The disengagement comes at a time when the AU forces are conducting community security mobilisation meetings to encourage dialogue and disengagement from Al Shabaab ranks.

The disengaged militants said they had made a resolution not to contribute to insecurity of Somalia in the year 2013. The group reported to the AU forces with three weapons and 34 ammunitions.

The Disengaged fighters were peacefully taken into AMISOM’s protection and will be transferred to Mogadishu for rehabilitation. More fighters are expected in the coming days.

The Uganda Contingent commander, Brig Micheal Ondoga said: “As more of the militants open their eyes from the bondage of Al shabaab Ideology and openly denounce insecurity, peace will soon be
attained in the country.

“This is a manifestation that Somalia is moving towards a secure and stable future, free from the scourge of violence and terror” Ondoga said.  In 2012 alone 274 militants gave themselves up peacefully to AMISOM forces under Ugandan Contingent.

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