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After oil pipeline, Tanzania pushes for rail link project to Rwanda



After formally bagging the new oil pipeline from the Ugandan oilfields through Tanzania to the port of Tanga, yet more good news emerged for Tanzania today.

The proposed railway extension from the inland dry port of Isaka to Kigali and Bujumbura will after all be built, providing a safe, faster and much more economical link to the Indian Ocean port of Dar es Salaam. Rwanda decided to push ahead with the central corridor railway line to Dar es Salaam as the future of the Standard Gauge Railway from Kampala to Kigali is suddenly once more in doubt.

ATC News by Wolfgang H. Thome

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  1. Why do I Think that Kampala and Kigali are now desperate to appease Daresallam given the routing Kikwete gave to M23. We might as well expect a resurgence of rebel activity in Eastern DRC.

  2. Googo, the answer to your question might lie in Uganda’s history. When Obote wanted to overthrow Amin he used TZ. You may have hopefully heard of the Saba saba stories. Despite the well documented amunition and a large well trained army that Amin had developed, they were no match for TZ.

    Bringing you back to the current situation, it is only TZ that Uganda has no control or direct influence amongst all our neighbours in EA. So for NRMs own sake they have to keep the new president on their side to avoid a repeat of the Saba saba. For if Uganda’s opposition became close to TZ’s Mufuguli (as has been already hinted by his friendship to Amama Mbabazi) you can see this becoming a real threat. The same arguement can be made for why Rwanda is changing it’s view of TZ albeit with some common sense now that actually it is more cost effective for Rwanda to access the coast rather than going thru two countries i.e Kenya & Uganda.

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