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9 Essential Uganda Car Rental Tips you need to know

A four-wheel is an essential

SPECIAL FEATURE | Planning to rent a car in Uganda 2023? Here are the nine essential Uganda car rental tips you need to know.

Car rental services are amazingly the most comfortable way for guests on Uganda safaris to reach their destinations. With rental cars, travelers get value for their money and enjoy an ultimate freedom to make stopovers at places of their interest at their own pace. Comfort on a road trip is guaranteed unlike public means.

If you are looking to exploring Uganda soon for a holiday, there are incredible factors to put into consideration. Here are some of the essential Uganda car rental tips you need know.

The rental car requirements

When hiring a car in Uganda, first, you must be guided by the purpose of your travel. Among important factors to consider renting a car include how many people will be traveling with you, the luggage –these and more can determine which size of a car to hire.

If you are a group of about 28-30 guests, a coaster bus is the best rental car option and small groups of 5-8pax can take up the Land Cruiser or Super Custom. Your comfort and safety are some of the essential factors you also put into consideration when renting a car for a Uganda road trip.

Carry out adequate research on the car hire rates & what they cover

There is no standard price for Uganda car rental or any destination. The car rental prices are completely different from one Car Hire Company to the other. This is why you must conduct thorough research on the rates and what they come with. With adequate research done on the car hire prices, it helps you make comparison and know which car rental agency does rent out vehicles at an affordable rate but also comes with best offers. When looking at the rates, be mindful of the hidden extras that some companies may not disclose to you.

Check the bodywork damage

Before you set off for any road trip regardless of the destination, you must take note of any damage the car you have hired or you plan to use. Whether it is a small dent or a scratch, ensure that it is recorded on your pre-rental inspiration form. Ignoring it mean you may be liable for any damages caused even when it isn’t your fault. Also, take note of the fuel gauge to be certain about the amount of the fuel inside as it is reflected on the paper.

Car tyres

When hiring a car in Uganda, ensure that you thoroughly insect the car tyres to be certain that they are in better state, have sufficient tread depth and well-inflated. Any breach of the terms and conditions, then you drive off may come at a cost. You may experience a cut or bulge in the side wall and as well, do thorough check on the windscreen washers plus wipers.

Do some checks, familiarize yourself with the car, before driving off

Take out proper cover/insurance

Car hire companies have their rental cars insured. Usually, comprehensive insurance is what most car rental agencies prefer because it offers cover to most damages. Getting a car that is comprehensively insured is amazing as it protects you from a number of liabilities/costs you may not be prepared for.

Familiarize yourself with the car

The rental car you plan to use could be completely new and there is need to be familiar with all controls. This includes the car lights; wipers and horn are all functional. Where you aren’t certain, feel free to inquire from the staff to demonstrate. The fluid and oil levels must be checked too.

Roadside assistance

Road assistance is essential when it comes to road trips in Uganda using car rental service. You must be certain that there will be any assistance to be provided in case of breakdown.

The fuel type

If you are planning to go on a self-drive tour in Uganda, be sure of the fuel type the car uses. This can save you from refilling the fuel tank with wrong fuel that may require cleaning, the cost that may levied on you. Also, take note of the company’s fuel policy- if you drove off a car full tank, some companies require that you return it with the same amount of fuel.

Rent from a reputable company

When choosing the car hire agency to deal with, we recommend that you do so with a reputable company. Yes, there are hundreds of companies offering car rental services but find the one that is trusted, recognized and fully registered.


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