Sunday , February 25 2018
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THIS WEEK: DP leaders arrested

Mao in a scuffle with the police.

DP leaders arrested campaigning against amending presidential age limit

‘K’ogikwatako’ is loosely translated as ‘if you dare touch it’. This is the name the country’s oldest party – the Democratic Party gave their campaign aimed at stopping amendment of article 102 of the constitution which puts presidential age limit at 75 years.

Shortly after launching this campaign at their offices on July19, DP leaders headed by President General Norbert Mao had planned to match to Constitutional Square just meters away but this didn’t happen as they were arrested amidst a scuffle with the police.

Upon arrest, Mao told journalists that they hadn’t violated any law but were only trying to safeguard the supreme law from being changed just to favor one individual who doesn’t want to leave power. Mao who was later released said their campaign was not yet going to stop and called upon members of the public to join them.


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