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A weak UPDF suffers intrigue and conspiracy


The situation in and around Ituri has not been bad. There are parts which need total supervision like that of Bosco Ntaganda Lendu Militias and Aru itself. A few days I spent in Aru, the following has been observed:-

The increasing number of soldiers from Goma to Jerome and yet Goma facilitated Col. Muzoora and his team to attack Uganda and Goma is being facilitated by Rwanda.

Surrendering Mbijo to Ntaganda shows that there is a way Jerome is coordinating with Bosco. Recently not even a week, Jerome surrendered part of his territory to Bosco which we didn’t understand, and yet Bosco is the one who was with Col. Muzoora, Col. Kyakabale together with Tomas Lubanga.

This shows that there is a hidden thing of which these people are planning to do. And Jerome is not as before where he could pass information to us when he gets it.

Presence of Kinshasa soldiers in his territory (Jerome). There is one Maj whom I did not get his name, he spent there almost five months and he is from the Kinshasa Government. He came through Kisangani up Aru that he is a Liaison Officer but this man feeds Kinshasa with everything that happens in Aru. When Jerome moves to Uganda, he calls them and Jerome doesn’t even mind to monitor him. I don’t know how someone sits with his enemy and say that he will not do anything because Jerome whenever you want to talk to him, he tells you that no one will do anything.

The Ituri Bde from Kinshasa. The information got from Bunia that these people came with plans to arm the Lendus and fight Jerome and other rebel groups in Ituri.

Problems and weaknesses faced

Our boss Chris has a tendency of passing information to unconcerned people and he has been doing this for long and even before I left Aru at first and up to now because he usually passes information to some people like CPC Brig. Kale Kaihura, ESO staff and some of his friends, which is not good.

Some staffs are complaining that Chris is using their money. Chris is soon getting problems with Commanders of Jerome because he is working as ADC where he goes and accuses them to their boss, which some Commanders approached me to tell him to leave that habit.

Harassment by the CO 409 Bde Arua– Sir, we are facing some problems with the Bde CO. I don’t know how we can be saved from this problem.

Transport- at least Motorbikes are needed to make our work easy, this can be provided by Jerome if Chris can approach him in a good way.

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