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VIDEO: Museveni lashes at clergy

VIDEO: Museveni Lashes At Clergy

Kampala, Uganda | NBS TV | Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has taken a swipe at religious leaders for what he described as neglecting the core issues affecting people like climate emanating from human activities and concentrate on politics.

The President made the attack on the men and women of God , while officiating at the opening of the 25th Nile Agricultural show organised by Uganda National farmers federation in Jinja.

The weeklong show which is under the theme “managing the challenges of climate change for sustainable Agriculture” has different stakeholders including international farmers.


  1. James jones bantu

    Climate change. Does Mr museveni really no the meaning or the consequences of climate change? The reason is that museveni himself has recently approved the cutting down of natural rain forests in uganda,example is in masindi district a place called kabalye, nearly 20 miles of rain forest cut down to grow sugar cane. This forest is part of Budongo forest, so it’s better for Mr president to shut up on issues to do with climate change because he is the key culprit. Wetlands are being destroyed with this kind of prictices climate change is inevitable. But I promise that one day, I will you people plant back those rain forests you destroying.

  2. James jones bantu

    How will the clargy tackle that problem of climate change and yet Mr museveni is allocating rain forests,wetlands for destruction by the so called investors, hence destroying the eco systems.Mr museveni need to first research the causes of climate change. In a long term uganda’s temperature will soar as a consequence of the destruction of our natural forests which attract rain and wetlands help to keep reservoirs of water which evaporate into the air subsequently falling as rain. How will the clargy tackle the issue of Carbon emissions caused by vehicles and boda bodas. These issues are supposed to be dealt by the body responsible fot environmental protection not churches or pastors.

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