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Uganda Banks on Aviation Expo to woo public on-air transport

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) is planning to use the much-anticipated aviation expo to promote air transport among members of the public.

UCAA Director General, Fred Bamwesigye told reporters that the authority said the expo will be a good platform to demystify the many myths by members of the public about air transport.

“Many first-time passengers of air transport always panic at the airport. This is because they have never experienced what happens. The aviation expo is an opportunity to further demystify the seemingly complex industry. This is an attempt to try and get the public to remove the belief and fear that flying is for a few,” Bamwesigye said, adding that whereas flying seems to be a preserve of the rich, it is high time this phobia is dealt with by introducing members of the public to the workings of not only the industry but also the airport.

“During this aviation expo, members of the public will have a chance to enter an aircraft to view the cockpit and talk to members of the cabin and flight crew to get deeper first-hand knowledge of the air transport sector.

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  1. It’s not about how CAA of Uganda can woo people to board and aircraft. Just imagine how a country of 50,000,000 people can have only five commercial jets . This is a form of corruption which must stop . Someone correct me if am wrong for someone to be rotated just for about 5 minutes around entebbe can cost you 600k which is. About $ 160.4 this amount is worth around trip to Juba and back which is about 55 minutes flight CAA should project amoral sense of accountability and trustworthyness among the public not taking away the little cash from ignorant citizens.

    Buy more jets not just air show.

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