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Uganda Baati unveils new product

Kampala, Uganda | PATRICIA AKANKWATSA | Uganda Baati on June 5th unveiled a new premium roofing product called Lifestile in addition to Orientile, Romantile, Dumuzas superior quality steel roof tile.

Speaking at the launch of the new product, Dr. Alan Shonubi, the Board chairman, Uganda Baati said the company is the leader in innovation and is therefore pleased to broaden its product basket thus giving customers more profile options to match their preferences.

The Business Head, George Arodi expressed his gratitude to Ugandans for continuously choosing Uganda Baati products and mentioned that it is against this background that the company will not tire from innovating.

“For the past years, Uganda Baati has been the best producer of Quality products. The different roof sheet tiles which we have on the market which are Resincot, Covermax, Versatile born in 2010, Romantile born last year in 2022 and Orientile. Today we bring you lifestile,”

He also thanked consumers for voting Uganda Baati as their best provider of quality roof sheets, at the recently concluded People’s Choice Awards 2022.

“No other product lasts longer than Uganda baati products and we have won awards. These lifestile stone coated roof tile products we are launching today are for those who would want to stand out of the crowd with a premium roof,”

The state minister for Urban Development, Mario Obiga Kania has asked practitioners in the construction industry to do more qualitative product innovations using more of local materials.

“Addition of this new product (Lifestile) on the market provides opportunities for qualitative competition of the building materials for our population. This competition I’m optimistic will offer a wide opportunity for the population to choose from and in turn, make the products cheap across the market and affordable to our population so that we can improve the accommodation for our people,” he said.

“Uganda’s durable housing stock available for our common people is still very low both in the rural and urban areas. In rural areas, the population needs affordable but environmentally friendly durable units. These challenges in the rural and urban areas need to be addressed urgently given the rapid urbanisation of our country at the rate of 5.2%,” he added.

Macklean Kukundakwe the Marketing Manager at Uganda Baati Limited, the new roofing product is made with the latest in stone coating materials making them lightweight, wind and fire-resistant, easier and faster to install with a timeless aesthetic appeal.

“Lifestile stone-coated roof tiles will withstand all weather conditions because of their UV qualities and are safe for rainwater harvesting. We are set to redefine premium with an extraordinary environmentally friendly product right from manufacturing,” said Kukundakwe during the launch.


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