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Transport Ministry clarifies on ‘expired’ driving permits

Congestion and traffic jam are back in the city, especially towards 7pm curfew time

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Ministry of Works and Transport has clarified that because issuer of driving permits Face Technologies are not yet re-open, expired permits are permissible on the Roads.

This follows an outcry after the lockdown was lifted, with police stopping drivers whose permits are expired. The drivers claim they were not able to renew them because the Computerized Driving Permits facility will only reopen on the first week of June.

Uganda Police’s Asan Kasingye had said, in response to the complaints, that ” If you are not able to renew, don’t drive. Is is mandatory that whoever own a car must drive it? Find a competent driver. ”

The Ministry of Transport however gave the drivers the all clear, saying,” In response to a lot of inquiries about the re-opening of Face Technologies, the Computerized Driving Permits facility will reopen on the first week of June. In the meantime expired permits are permissible on the Roads.”

The Ministry’s head of media Susan Kataike added that, “In the meantime, holders of permits that expired towards COVID -19 lockdown or during the same are allied to drive provided they carry their permits along.”

She said the Ministry of Works  and Transport will issue SOPs for those intending to renew their permits at face technologies. This is to avoid overcrowding threat.

The Minister Gen Wamala Katumba will later today brief the press on the issue or drivers licences, and also on stickers for essential workers to enable them work beyond the curfew time of 7pm.

According to Kataike, the media is supposed to work beyond curfew time provided they have stickers and can confirm from their stations that they are on duty.

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