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The 2020 Jeep Gladiator

5 things you need to know about

The Jeep Gladiator went on sale in the US this month, and if you are looking out for it; here are the 5 things you need to know about it.

Looks matter

Starting with the front of the Gladiator it would be easy to point and say, that’s just the front from a Wrangler. And it kind of is. I mean, the Wrangler’s seven-slot grille was the starting point, but because Jeep reckons Gladiator buyers will want to tow they widened the slot gaps for improved airflow into the engine when towing. The other thing that instantly stands the two apart is the length of the Gladiator and its tray. The Gladiator is a longer vehicle with much of that extra room gone into the backseat. It also has higher ground clearance.

Let’s look at the tray

The Gladiator tray has some clever touches that clearly show how Jeep thinks this thing will be used and who will be buying it; those who tow and tradies. The tailgate can be easily opened with just one hand and partially opened and locked in three different positions. The width of the tray is intended to hold loads on wheel arches and within the tray. The spare wheel is mounted under the tray. The Gladiator engineering for load carrying ensures the tray optimally load balanced.

How much can it tow?

Depending on the variant, the Gladiator, based on U.S. specs is rated to tow between 1800kg and 3469kg and that’s hardly segment-best towing.

Can it still off-road?

It offers up to 283mm of ground clearance; from the ground to the lowest part of the vehicle (usually the diff pumpkin), with standard on 33-inch tyres (but it’s capable of taking 35-inch tyres). All sounds very good. Water fording is a claimed 762mm.

What’s it like on the inside?

The interior follows in the same vein as the Wrangler with its heritage-inspired design. Everything inside is designed to be weather proof and you can choose from either cloth or leather seats, the front seats and steering wheel can be heated too.


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