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African scientists race to test COVID drugs

In a bid to stave off looming disaster, scientists are trying to repurpose drugs used for malaria and other diseases, but infrastructure and recruitment challenges stymie progress | ABDULLAHI TSANNI | For more than a year, Adeola Fowotade struggled to recruit people to a clinical trial for COVID-19 treatments. A …

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Kawempe Hospital maternity full as deliveries triple

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Every hour, about five babies are born at Kawempe National Referral Hospital. According to the Deputy Executive Director, Dr Lawrence Kazibwe, they daily deliver between 100 and 150 babies ever since the second COVID-19 lockdown was lifted. This number is almost triple the 50 …

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Breast cancer in men

Why is it more aggressive than in women? Kampala, Uganda | PATRICIA AKANKWATSA | Experts at the Uganda Cancer Institute have come out to warn that although breast cancer is common in women, men can also get it and it is more aggressive. Dr. Noleb Mugisha, an oncologist who heads …

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Chicken pox outbreak hits Arua city

Arua, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | There is anxiety among locals and health officials in Arua city following an outbreak of chicken pox in Ayiforo cell, Dadamu ward, Ayivu division. Chickenpox is an infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus and causes an itchy rash with small, fluid-filled blisters and is highly contagious …

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Turning ordinary midwife into a super midwife

GSK funded eLearning offers nurses and midwives welcome opportunity | CAROLINE ARIBA | Her arrival into the maternity ward is noticed. She might not be the most experienced midwife at the Kabale Regional Referral Hospital, but she certainly is one of the most appreciated. At 32, Assumpta Namugumya has mastered …

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