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Early pregnancy risks young women’s mental health

There’s need for assessments of common maternal mental health conditions, such as postpartum psychosis, anxiety, and bipolar disorders | MANASI KUMAR | The rates of adolescent pregnancies in sub-Saharan Africa are among the world’s highest. The adolescent birth rate is as high as 139 per 1,000 girls in Tanzania and …

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How human memory works

Researchers uncover how the human brain separates, stores, and retrieves memories Researchers have identified two types of cells in our brains that are involved in organising discrete memories based on when they occurred. This finding improves our understanding of how the human brain forms memories and could have implications in …

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Obesity rising in Africa

In many African households, carrying a pot belly is a sign that this person is wealthy and well-fed but that is false | THE INDEPENDENT | One in five adults and one in 10 children and teenagers are projected to be obese by December 2023 in 10 high-burden African countries if …

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COVID-19 takes a heavy toll on women’s health

| THE INDEPENDENT | Disruptions to essential health services due to the COVID-19 pandemic are being felt broadly. As the world marks International Women’s Day March 08, a new World Health Organisation (WHO) analysis finds that women’s health services are far from being fully restored, with 40% of African countries reporting …

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Gulu’s Covilyce-I impresses WHO experts

Gulu, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Covilyce-1, a polyherbal concoction developed by Gulu University for the treatment of coronavirus disease has received a nod from scientists from the World Health Organization (WHO). The health experts describe the innovation as the right step in the advancement and standardization of African traditional medicine …

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Choosing an HIV prevention method

Study shows why it matters to young African women Kampala, Uganda | RONALD MUSOKE | A new HIV prevention study has found that when young women have access to and experience with two biomedical prevention options, the Dapivirine Vaginal Ring (DVR) and Truvada, an oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) drug, almost …

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Lab technicians, Health Ministry official clash over promotions

Kisoro, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Medical laboratory professionals in government health facilities have clashed with Patrick Mpiima Kibirango, the Registrar of Allied Health Professionals in the Ministry of Health, over their welfare and failure to secure promotions. The matters came up during a scientific conference held at Ikoro Hotel …

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